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Vegetarian Hot Pot

by Souti

Fresh vegetables are always useful for our total well-being. These are sources of nutrients required for our body. Even veg-hot-pot1some vegetables are excellent sources of protein which are comparable to animal protein, but it has no negative impact. Including fresh vegetables in your daily diet is very important for the proper nutrition.

1.    Vegetable broth- 5 ¼ cup
2.    Fresh ginger- 4 ¼ inch (skin removed)
3.    Canola oil- 2 tsp
4.    Garlic cloves- 2 (removed skin & mashed)

5.    Red pepper (crushed)- ¼ tsp
6.    Shiitake mushrooms- 4 ounce (sliced, wiped clean & stemmed)
7.    Sesame oil (toasted)- 1 tsp
8.    Rice vinegar- 5-6 tsp
9.    Carrot- 1 cup (grated)
10.    Firm tofu- 1 ¼ ounce (drained, patted dry & chop into small cubes)
11.    Wheat noodles- 3 ½ ounce
12.    Bok choy- ¾ pound (minced into small portion, greens & stems separated)
13.    Soy sauce (sodium reduced)-2 tsp
14.    Scallions- ¼ cup minced (for garnishing)


•    Take a large container & pour together ginger along with the broth & garlic.
•    Now place the container on the Dutch oven & allow it to simmer.
•    Cover the top partly & allow it to cook for almost 15-18 minutes.
•    Now remove the ginger & garlic.
•    In the mean time take a large skillet (non-stick) & heat oil on medium temperature.
•    Now add the mashed red pepper along with the mushrooms.
•    Stir well & let it cook for almost 4-5 minutes (till you get the tender texture).
•    Pour the bok choy (stems) & stir occasionally for almost 4-5 minutes.
•    Now pour the mushroom mixture in the broth.
•    Gently add the noodles & minimize the temperature.
•    For almost 3-4 minutes allow it to simmer.
•    Now add the tofu along with the bok choy greens.
•    Stir properly & allow it to simmer for almost 3-4 minutes.
•    Now add the vinegar followed by carrot, sesame oil & soy sauce.
•    Remove from the heat & transfer to the serving plate.
•    Before serving use the scallions for decoration.

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