Living with Pet Allergy: 7 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

If you are a dog parent who also happens to have pet allergy, you would know about the struggle of trying to suppress your condition while providing your dog with all the love that you can give. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to alleviate your situation and live a happy and healthy life with your beloved four-legged friend. Here are some helpful tips that you can take into consideration.

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Study Reveals Peanut is the Most Common Trigger for Food Allergies

Food is healthy, but certain food can lead to allergies and new studies claim that they have discovered and identified the levels at which five common food allergens can react sharply. According to the research team led by Professor Clare Mills of the Institute of Inflammation and Repair at the University of Manchester, UK there are certain foods that can lead to allergy issues and this lead will help them to improve allergy warnings on food products in the future. The team mentioned that there are more than 15 million people in the United States that have food allergies of which 6 million are children.

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Vital Facts and Figures about Allergy – Ways and Means for Ensuring Symptomatic Relief

Before ascertaining the requisite contents of your allergy relieving kit; it is important to delve into the concept of allergy. It is equally important to be familiar with the causes, symptoms and frequency of allergy.

By shaping out your knowledge and acquaintance; you will be able to know how to tackle the symptomatic conditions, so that you can work your way to relief.

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Facts About a Fast Spreading Asthma Disease

A high level of soft drink consumption is associated with increased chance of Asthma, a new study has found.

Researchers interviewed 16,907 participants aged 16 years and older in South Australia. Result published in the journal Respirology, showed that 13.3% of participants with asthma drink more than half a liter of soft drink daily.

Our study emphasizes the importance of healthy eating and drinking in the prevention of chronic diseases like asthma and COPD,” said Zumin Shi, MD, PhD, of the University of Adelaide.

According to a research study, Asthma (a chronic inflammatory disease of the bronchi or Airways), has increased between 1960s and 2008.Above 300 million people are affected by asthma worldwide. In 2009 this fatal disease caused 250,000 deaths around the world.

One must be familiar with the causes and symptoms of asthma in order to lessen the possibility of asthma attacks. You may have mild symptoms and infrequent attacks of asthma, but it can become severe if it isn’t treated.
Asthma cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be controlled.

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Learn About Different Types of Allergies

An allergy is an abnormal reaction of the immune system of the body to what is otherwise considered a harmful foreign object. There are different types of allergies that a person may suffer from.

Some of the most important types are as follows.

Types of Allergies

The following allergy types are the most common allergy types.

  • Bee Sting Allergy
  • Cosmetic Allergy

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