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by Kamal Salar

CoolHealthTips.com provides an opportunity to the bloggers, webmasters, specialists in health and other related experts to write and get their content published at CoolHealthTips.com

The basic objective of CoolHealthTips.com is to providing in-depth reviews, latest researches as well as providing quality health-related tips, guides, and articles.

If you want to write and publish articles at CoolHealthTips.com We are regularly updating content, publishing it in every possible way to get people coming to this site. And the audience is growing fast already, you have a great chance to say your opinion and get listened. It’s a great feeling to see people evaluating your work, you have a great chance to get known with really small effort. If your content contains excessive spam, affiliate links, etc. we’ll simply ignore it so don’t bother.

Rules and Guide Lines

  • Your blog post must be of at least 800 words
  • Your blog post must be 100% unique and of the highest quality as well as being researched very well!
  • Your blog post must be related to Health niche
  • Only 1 link is allowed within your blog post (don’t link to any spammy site, the link must be the family-friendly site)
  • Provide content without any grammatical error
  • The author has to provide a complete bio/byline (about author info) as well as should his/her upload real photo, else your blog post will not be published!
  • Avoid keywords spamming within the content, write in a very natural blogging style, your article/blog post must be highly informative and must be well researched!

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