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Vegetable Ragout

by Souti

Vegetable Ragout

Calcium is the major ingredient of our healthy bones. It has the potential to prevent osteoporosis. It’s beneficial for ragout1controlling your blood pressure level. Calcium is believed to keep your skin healthy. It’s also useful in preventing the heart ailments. For the health of your bones try the following high calcium content recipe.


1.    Spaghetti (whole wheat)- 4 ounce
2.    Extra virgin olive oil- 1 tbsp
3.    Leek- 1 (small sized, use the pale green as well as the white portion only, properly washed & sliced finely).
4.    Cherry tomato or grape- 16 (cut into halved)

5.    Vegetable broth- ½ cup
6.    Parmesan cheese- ¾ cups (finely grated)
7.    Freshly ground pepper- ¼ tsp
8.    Basil leaves (fresh) – 2 tbsp (diced)
9.    Sugar snap peas- 1 cup (chopped into halves)
10.    Yellow summer squash- 1 (small sized, firstly cut into lengthwise quartered & then choped into ½ inch portions).


•    Take a large pot & pour the water into it.
•    Place it on medium temperature for boiling.
•    Now add the spaghetti along with a few drops of olive oil & boil.
•    Allow it to cool for almost 10-12 minutes (till get tender) or as per the package directions.
•    In the mean time take a medium sized saucepan & heat oil.
•    Pour the leek & stir well for almost 2-4 minutes (till you get the soft texture).
•    Now pour the peas along with the squash.
•    Stir again for almost 5-8 minutes & then add the vegetable broth along with the tomatoes.
•    Stir properly & bring it to a simmer for almost 4-6 minutes (till the tomatoes soften).
•    Pour the chopped basils along with the pepper.
•    Stir well to mix all the ingredients properly & allow it to cook for almost 4-5 minutes more.
•    Take it off from the heat & scatter the grated cheese.
•    Remove or drain out the water from the boiled pasta.
•    Add the pasta into the mixture & toss well for proper coating.

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