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5 Enjoyable and Quirky Fitness Activities to do in London

by Kamal Salar
5 enjoyable and quirky fitness activities to do in London

London is the sort of city that is always thriving with quirky activities. Yes, you can go and see all of the hot tourist spots, but if you are staying there for an indefinite period, you may need to consider other things to keep you entertained. You don’t need to stay inside feeling cooped up. Instead, why not join in some of these fun quirky fitness activities to get your daily dose of exercise? They’re a great way to get your blood pumping.

Hampstead Pond Swimming

Hampstead Pond Swimming

Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

Are you a fan of swimming but tired of the crowded swimming pools? Well, why not go for a dip in a quirkier location. Hampstead Pond is renowned for being a famous public swimming area, where you can jump in and enjoy floating around with the ducks. There are three ponds; one for women, one for men and one as mixed. The pond is usually life guarded all year round and open from 7 am – 2.15 pm. Just remember that the pond’s water will be very cold! So, wrap up warmly once you leave.

Poleography- The Gym Box

Poleography- The Gym Box

Image Credit: pexels.com

When you have booked time at the top Dorsett Hotel, City of London has to offer you, you may not necessarily think that when you explore the area it will be to find a pole dancing class. The Gym Box’s fitness class mixes pole dancing techniques and choreography together. That way you can focus on using movement to explore a range of emotions and themes. Pole dancing is an extremely good work out and will make you use all of your muscles. You can even bring friends along to have a laugh – it’s a fantastic activity to do with other people.

Voga Workouts

Voga Workouts

Image Credit: pixabay.com

Have you heard of voguing before? It’s a stylised form of dance to 80s music.  Well, Coq D’Argent has teamed up with the House of Voga to bring fitness enthusiasts “Voga”; a mixture of voguing and yoga. This exercise routine is perfect for all ages, fitness levels and skill levels. Wear your hottest outfit and get ready to bring your best dance moves. You’ll be having fun before you even realise how much sweat you are drenched in.

Doga Workouts

Doga Workout

Image Credit: pexels.com

Okay, so we all love dogs. But did you know that you can also enjoy yoga with your dog? This London fitness trend is called “Doga”. It mainly focuses on the spiritual connection between you and beloved pet. Relax and find your inner peace whilst your pooch wanders around and makes some friends. Even if you don’t have a dog, you’re more than welcome to join. That way you can work out whilst also enjoying the company of some fluffy companions.

Oxygen Free Jumping

Trampoline Park

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

London’s first trampoline park has over 150 wall-to-wall trampolines that are ready for you to jump on. You probably think that trampolining is pretty easy, but if your body is constantly on the move, you will see that it’s one amazing work out. Better yet, there are even opportunities to enjoy springy dodge ball, basketball, air bags and a huge obstacle course. You’re going to feel like a little kid again entering this park!

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