HIV Epidemic Forces Indiana Governor to Extend the Public Health Emergency

Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, on Monday issued an order which will be extending the public health emergency. This move is the state’s response to the HIV outbreak which has been rampant since it first broke out in mid-December.

Until Tuesday, it was found that there were approximately 135 cases of the disease of which 129 were confirmed while 6 were in preliminary. This increase in the number has been linked to the increases in injected drug usage. The drug, as it seems, is primarily prescription opioid opana.

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Study Links Breastfeeding To Higher IQ As Well As Income

Breastfeeding has remained in the limelight for quiet sometime due to the benefits it provides to the baby in terms of protecting against diseases and also lowering the rate of mortality. It has also been linked to children who were breastfed have higher IQs.


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Herpes Drug Proves To Fight HIV

Researchers of an international group have carried out a trial that shows that the reduction of the HIV level is possible by the consumption of the herpes medication.

They found that contrary to the previous studies, the herpes drug valacyclovir helps in the reduction of the HIV-1 among patients who did not even suffer from herpes.

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Red Meat Rich Diet – Threat For Kidne

A whooping 26 million people in US only, are reportedly have chronic kidney disease, which can result in complete kidney failure. If kidney fails either patient has to undergo dialysis frequently or kidney transplantation. Diet is one major factor which can impact the Kidney diseases or even failure. According to Donald Wesson, M.D. animal protein rich diet, especially red meat can severely accelerate the kidney diseases.

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Natural Ways to deal with Depression

Studies have shown that one in ten people in the US suffer from depression. While there are several prescription medicine to help ease the symptoms, natural medicine also seems to help.

  1. Light Therapy

People who tend to suffer from any sort of seasonal affective disorder, where they tend to get more depressed during particular times of the year like winters, seem to benefit by light therapy. It works with the usage of brightness which seems to lift their spirits.

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Study Links Several Diseases And Death To Smoking

A report released by American Cancer Society along with several universities has linked a number of diseases, even basic infections, to smoking with the number of deaths in United States alone reaching 480,000. The study published in New England Journal of Medicine says that an addition of 60,000 to 120,000 deaths is seen each year which is linked to tobacco usage.

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