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Fresh Papaya Jam

by Souti

Papaya is an excellent source of digestive enzyme papain. It has the potential to resist constipation. When it is papayajam1continuously taken for almost three days, it is beneficial for intestines & also for stomach. It is useful for resisting cancer & also it can fight against colon infections. Papaya has also been recommended for morning sickness & for nausea. You can even directly apply it on the skin pores. This outstanding source of fibre can control your cholesterol level & also improve your cardiovascular system.

1.    Crushed ripe papaya- 5 cup
2.    Orange juice- ¼ cup
3.    Dry pectin- 1.75 ounce
4.    White sugar- 5 cups
•    Take large size bowl & pour together orange juice, papaya & pectin.
•    Now place it in medium heat.
•    Stir the mixture well & allow it to boil.
•    When it begins to boil add the sugar & again stir continuously.
•    Remove from the heat & laden the jam in a firmed lid sterilized container.
•    Cover the top & let it cool down to room temperature.

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