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Chilli-Taco Casserole

by Souti

Calcium is beneficial for maintaining the good health of your bones. It has the potential to make your bones stronger. chili-tacoIt is also useful for controlling your blood pressure level as well as premenstrual syndrome. Calcium is able to prevent heart attack & lower the risk of colon cancer.


1.    Canola oil- 2 tsp
2.    Corn tortillas- 12
3.    Chilli with meat & beans -1 15 ounce
4.    Pinto beans- 1 15 ounce (rinsed)

5.    Salt – As per taste
6.    Enchilada sauce- 1 ¼ cup
7.    Tomato sauce (without salt)- 5 -8 ounce
8.    Sour cream- ½ cup (fat free)
9.    Plain yoghurt (fat free)- ½ cup
10.    Grated onion- 1 tbsp
11.    Cheddar cheese (grated)- 1 cup


•    At 425 degree F preheat the oven.

•    With the non stick cooking spray cover the two baking sheets along with the shallow three quart baking dish.

•    On each side of the tortilla lightly brush the oil & scatter salt on it.

•    Now make the eight pieces out of the each tortilla & place on the ready baking sheets in a single layer.

•    For almost 10-12 minutes allow it to bake (till it gets crispy).

•    In the midway of baking don’t forget to turn the baking sheets.

•    Take it off from the oven & allow it to cool.

•    Now lower the temperature at 375 degree F. take a large sized bowl & combine together pinto beans, enchilada sauce, chilli, onions, ¾ of cheese & tomato sauce.

•    Pour the tortilla crisps (4 cup) & with the sauce coat them well.

•    Place them on the baking dish & let it bake for almost 30-35 minutes.

•    In a small bowl mix together sour cream along with the yoghurt & spread on the top of the baked tortillas.

•    Scatter the leftover tortilla crisps & cheese.

•    Allow it to bake 5-10 minutes more.

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