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Susan Lucci Discussed AFib Related Stroke Risk

by Ana

Susan Lucci is a famous TV star while talking about AFib related strokes she said, “Having been happily married for more than 41 years, Helmut and I are a true team. We play an active role in each other’s health and work together to manage his AFib and reduce his risk of stroke.

AFib Related Stroke Risk

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We know how much a stroke can impact all aspects of our family and we’re doing everything we can to reduce his risk. We hope the Facing AFib PSA and website will help educate others about the risk of stroke associated with AFib and will encourage them to do all that they can to manage the condition, just like us.” Atrial Fibrilliation (AFib) refers to the unevenness of heart beat and it is the major reason of stroke in America. Above15 percent of strokes in U.S.A are caused due to the abnormality of heart beat.

TV Star Susan Lucci talks about Risks from Atrial Fibrillation-Related Stroke Risk, it is projected that the domination of AFib will rise from 2.5 times to 5.6 million till 2050. The risks of stroke associated with AFib boosts with age. Patients of High Blood Pressure and diabetes have more chances to suffer from symptoms of AFib which leads to stroke. CEO of National Stroke Association Jim Baranski said, “As we strive to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke in America, raising awareness about AFib and stroke among patients and their loved ones is key. That’s why it’s important for those impacted by AFib to get serious about stroke and to take the pledge at FacingAFib.com. The website is a great place to find information and resources to help patients and their families discuss the condition and AFib-related stroke risk reduction with their physicians.”


TV Star Susan Lucci Talks about AFib Related Stroke Risks to create awareness among people, her interest to study this stroke and its major symptoms and causes was developed when his husband suffered from stroke a decade ago. She along wit her husband is working in close collaboration with national programs with an aim to educate the people about the AFib related strokes which is quiet widespread now a days.

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stmicheal August 9, 2011 - 1:00 am

It’s time to fight with AFib related stroke; we all should play our role to create awareness among people around us.

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