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Melon – Cherry Drink

by Souti

Melon is an excellent source of potassium, which can detoxify the kidney. It’s able to remove the uric acid in the
blood. It has potential to control your blood pressure level. Watermelon is an effective ingredient for lowering the body temperature & is also able to resist heart attacks. It is a rich source of arginine, which is a good tool for treatment for erectile dysfunctions. It is also beneficial for prostrate growth, preventing cancer, repair damaged tissues etc.

1.    Watermelon- 375 ml/1 ½ cup
2.    Frozen or fresh dry pack cherries (thawed)- 1  cup
3.    Brown sugar (light)- 1 tbsp
4.    Ground cloves- 0.5 ml/ or 1/8 tsp
5.    Low- fat yogurt (plain)- 1 cup/250 ml
•    Take a blender or a food processor & add together cherries, yogurt, melon, honey & cloves.
•    Blend till you get the desired smoothness.
•    Pour the mixture into the glasses.
•    You can also garnish the drink with mint lives & serve.

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