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Smoking – Techniques to Quit the Smoking

by Ana

Most of the people don’t know the reason, why they smoke. They just do it. Knowing the reasons of when and why you smoke, can help you to quit the smoking.

Reasons for Smoking

Following may be the reasons of smoking

      1. To Relieve Tension

        After arguments and after stressful time, people mostly feel depressed, angry or upset so, they smoke.

      2. To Control Weight

        Some are afraid of weight gaining and some wants to keep it down so, they smoke and they do not quit because gaining weight again.

        Quit Smoking

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      3. Improve Concentration

        People usually smoke to enhance the mood, improve concentration or boost the energy, when they feel low and dull.

      4. In the Company of Friends

        Some people smoke in the company of other friends, who also smoke. They enjoy Cigarette in the company of other friends.

Why Teenagers Smoke?

Most of the children and teenagers smoke just because their friends also smoke.

Cigars and Cigarettes seem very attractive to the teenagers, as they see their favorite character smoking in movies and other TV programs.

Teenage girls smoke because they want to control their weight in this way, which may rise otherwise.

Teenagers may think that smoking can give a very mature, independent and wise impression to others in society.

Children may also smoke to rebel against their loved ones. Most of the teenagers do not know, how much addictive they are to the smoking.

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If your child smokes, you should help to talk to him or her about the reasons of smoking. Try to help him or her about quit smoking. If you use to smoke or have quitted it, then share the experience with your child that how difficult was it to quit the smoking?

The chances of smoking for children increase, if their parents smoke too and the chances of quitting smoking increase, if their parents quit.

Reasons for Quit Smoking

It is important to know about the reasons of quitting smoke. Try to discover yourself, what can motivate you to quit smoking.

Following can be the Reasons for quitting Smoking

      • To stay healthy is the most common reason of quitting Smoking.
      • People should stay in control of life rather than being in control of Tobacco, which can damage their life.

Risks Related to Smoking

Following can be risks related to smoking

      1. Health Problems

        Smoking can cause difficulty in breathing, in walking, going on to the stairs etc. Asthma and cough can develop.

      2. Long Term Health Risks

        It can contribute to the long term risks of health including Heart Attack, Stroke, Lung Diseases or Cancer etc.

      3. Risks During Pregnancy

        Pregnant women may have the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in their babies and Ear Infections etc.

Reward for Quitting Smoking

Following will be the rewards that an individual will experience, if they quit smoking

      1. You will feel energetic and better.
      2. You will have a younger appearance.
      3. You will enjoy good health.
      4. Set best examples for your children, if you smoke, your children may also smoke.
      5. Save the money of Cigarettes by quitting smoking.
      6. You will develop a control on your habits.

Techniques for Quit Smoking

It is good to plan the strategy of quitting smoking. If you are planning, first of all ask some questions to yourself like how confident are you that you will be successful in quitting? Asking questions will be a way to prepare you for this plan.


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Following can be the Techniques, in order to Quit Smoking.

Some are given below

      1. Knowing Reasons

        It is really good to know reasons about giving up Smoking. Reasons can be any. If the reasons are your own, not someone else’s then it would be easier for you to follow the plan for quit smoking.

      2. Get Ready

        Consult the doctor to know about the medicines and help available in your area for the people, who want to quit smoking.

        You can also consult your insurance provider to know about some medicines and counseling that are available in your health plan, if you are taking services of health insurance.

      3. Set Your Goals

        • It is easy to follow small goals so, you should break the goals in to smaller one because they become easier to achieve.
        • Try to set the clear goals. Set a quit date and time and follow it strictly.
        • Reward yourself on achieving the goals.
        • It takes several weeks in quitting smoking, it takes sometime so, don’t give up your efforts and lose heart, if initially you are not achieving your goals.
        • Try to plan realistic goals because you cannot quit smoking in 10 to 20 days.
      4. Make Few Changes

        • Try to take off all the Cigarettes, Ashtrays and lighters from the home. Try to avoid the smell of smoke. Clean the house, clothes etc to throw away all the reminders etc.
        • Don’t let people smoke at your place.Try to avoid the company of those, who smoke.
        • Take all the reminders from your car as well.
        • Try to read the Smoking Journals etc it would help you in getting information about the tough things about quitting smoking.
      5. If Tried to Quit in Past

        If you have tried to quit smoking in past, try those attempts again, those may be helpful for your success.

      6. New Skills and Behaviors

        • Think about ways, you can avoid Smoking.
        • Think about situations, in which you want to smoke and try to stay away from them. Also plan to deal with those situations.
        • Change your daily schedule, adopt a different way to work, have meal at different place and try stay happy.
        • Try to avoid Stress, calm yourself keeping yourself busy in different activities etc.
        • Try to spend time with non-smokers.
      7. Support of Loved Ones

        Support of parents, friends and other loved ones is an important motivator of quit smoking. Their support makes the process easier for an individual.

      8. Use of Medications

        The U.S food and Drug Administration has approved many medicines to help the people to quit smoking. These medications are available on the medical stores etc.

        • Medication helps a lot in quit smoking. It makes the process easier by lowering the temptations.
        • Medications do not long forever, it just remains as long as you want to quit.
        • If the medication and other efforts are accompanied are combined, results are successful.
        • Counseling plays an important role in quitting smoking.
        • Don’t care about the cost of medications required to quit smoking, still it would not be as much costly as Cigarettes.


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Following are the Medicines for Quit Smoking

    1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

      This includes Nicotine Gum, Patches, Lozenges and Inhalers. You can buy these things without doctor’s prescription.

    2. Bupropion SR

      It is a non- Nicotine prescription medicine that an individual can buy himself along with the other Nicotine Replacement products.

    3. Varenicline

      This medicine is prescribed by a doctor and it helps in the withdrawal symptoms and decreases the pleasure that you while smoking.: Smoking is the habit of many people, which is really not a good habit and spoils the health. Addictive people should try to get rid of smoking in any case, otherwise it can lead to diseases and ultimately cause death.

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