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Smoking – Techniques to Quit the Smoking

Most of the people don’t know the reason, why they smoke. They just do it. Knowing the reasons of when and why you smoke, can help you to quit the smoking.

Reasons for Smoking

Following may be the reasons of smoking

  1. To Relieve Tension

    After arguments and after stressful time, people mostly feel depressed, angry or upset so, they smoke.

  2. To Control Weight

    Some are afraid of weight gaining and some wants to keep it down so, they smoke and they do not quit because gaining weight again.

    Quit Smoking

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  3. Improve Concentration

    People usually smoke to enhance the mood, improve concentration or boost the energy, when they feel low and dull.

  4. In the Company of Friends

    Some people smoke in the company of other friends, who also smoke. They enjoy Cigarette in the company of other friends.

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Smoking Could Be a Depression Booster for Teens

Smoking has always been claimed to be dangerous for the health, a new teen-smokingresearch has shown its diverse affects on the mental health of teens.

It has been reported that smoking increases depressive symptoms in teens especially in those who thinks that their smoking habit will change their mood.

The study was carried on a group of 662 Canadian students who were studying between grades 7 to 11. The students were provided with almost 20 questionnaires regarding their habit of smoking.

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Cancer Prevention Tips

Either we like it or not, cancer affects most of us directly or indirectly. It’s Cancerhard to define, who is going to be the patient of cancer.

However cancer prevention is easier than we may think. With slight change in lifestyle, we can minimize our risk of developing any type of cancer.

Avoid smoking

All of us almost daily hear that, the smoking is injurious to health. Eve some packs of cigarettes deliver the warning “smoking causes lung cancer and heart diseases.” Smoking is the most important risk factor for cancers that is in our own control. Except lung cancer, smoking can be the main culprit for many other cancers.

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Tips to keep heart healthy

Heart disease is the leading killer of both sexes in the U.S. and U.K. Heart-HealthyAccording to American Heart Association (AHA), about 71 million Americans are suffering from heart disease in different shapes. The most widespread form of heart disease is hypertension (also known as silent killer) or high blood pressure gives birth to coronary artery disease (CAD). These conditions are responsible for almost 8 million heart attacks and more than 5 million strokes that occur annually, alone in U.S.

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How to Quit Smoking?

While getting addicted to tobacco is a life-changing event, to quit it too is one that challenges one’s willpower and resistance. However,quit-smoking when the idea of quitting comes from the heart it can be easier and research proved beyond question that a combination approach can be quite helpful to quit smoking such as counseling, go with depression medications, use of nicotine replacements such as patches, gums, inhalers, etc.

Quitting tobacco or smoking can be a slow process in great majority of cases and it calls for serious planning, discipline, commitment as well as courage on the part of the quitting aspirant.

Identify your quit day:

Set off quitting from a particular date or day, to help you plan your ways to handle co-smokers, places where smoking is the most happening thing, friends that provoke you to smoke, etc. Choose a date that will not be stressful. It would be perfect to start from a day you smoke really very little.

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Unhealthy lifestyle may double stroke risk

Results of a UK study show that unhealthy lifestyle can put people at higher risk for stroke. People, who are less physical active, brain_attackconsume too much alcohol, smoke and have least amount of fruit and vegetables in their daily servings, have higher odds to be a victim of stroke.

According to the researchers, only a small proportion of the people who participated in the study had such lifestyle as could protect them against stroke.

A report in the British Medical Journal shows that people in UK have to spend £7bn on the condition every year.

There are some previous studies which indicate that unhealthy lifestyle like diet and smoking can increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks. However, the effects of a combination of risk factors were not quite clear in healthy people.

In their study, researchers from East Anglia University assigned one point for each healthy behavior that participants (aged 40-79) reported.

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