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Smoking – Techniques to Quit the Smoking

Most of the people don’t know the reason, why they smoke. They just do it. Knowing the reasons of when and why you smoke, can help you to quit the smoking.

Reasons for Smoking

Following may be the reasons of smoking

  1. To Relieve Tension

    After arguments and after stressful time, people mostly feel depressed, angry or upset so, they smoke.

  2. To Control Weight

    Some are afraid of weight gaining and some wants to keep it down so, they smoke and they do not quit because gaining weight again.

    Quit Smoking

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  3. Improve Concentration

    People usually smoke to enhance the mood, improve concentration or boost the energy, when they feel low and dull.

  4. In the Company of Friends

    Some people smoke in the company of other friends, who also smoke. They enjoy Cigarette in the company of other friends.

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