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First International Review Claims E-Cigs Can Help Reverse Smoking Habits

by Shilpa

Can e-cigarettes really help you to quit smoking? This has been a major question for many smokers that are willing to get rid of their smoking habit and also for health agencies that would like to find an alternative to smoking. As per the first international review, e-cigarettes can help smokers to quit smoking to some extent, but it has also created a new generation of addicts. The first Cochrane review that involves authors from the UK and New Zealand mentions that they considered two randomized trials with data from 662 smokers.


The data claims that around 9% of the smokers were able to stop smoking for a year after they hooked to e-cigarettes. Considering two different trials that were conducted around 36% of the e-cigarette smokers were able to control their urge to smoke and smoked halve the number of conventional cigarettes as compared to 28% who used placebo devices. The report does not have any evidence of ill effects of smoking e-cigarettes. The good thing about e-cigarettes is that they have very low nicotine delivery, but it still produces effective results. The report proves that e-cigarettes can certainly reverse the urge of conventional smoking, but is also create a new generation of customers for e-cigarette industry in the future.

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