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How E Cigarettes Can Offer Better Benefits to Smokers and Non-Smokers?

by Souti

Technology is dominating every sphere of our life and we cannot imagine life without the technologies that surrounds us. We live in a world where most of the things we do is simplified with the help of better discoveries, inventions and technologies that help us handle multiple things at the same time. Now, better technologies have got into the world of tobacco and the advent of e cigarette has changed the way smokers and even non-smokers think about smoking. The trend of e cigarettes is here and it’s growing rapidly as more and more consumers buy it and try it out to enhance their smoking experience.

Image by wstryder

Image by wstryder


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As per some of the market research surveys almost 50% of the smokers that tried e cigarettes never really went back to normal cigarettes which is astounding fact.

Here are some of the benefits that you actually get when you are using e-cigs that can make your life better.

Save Money – Money plays an important role in our life and many smokers around the world feel the pinch when they buy regular cigarettes because the expenditure really cuts off a huge chunk from the monthly budget. Regular smokers often feel that they are overspending on the amount of cigarettes that they buy but they cannot help it because of the addiction to it. With e cigarettes things have changed for many smokers as they don’t have to keep buying more and more cigarettes all the time. With ecigs smokers can make use of one single cartridge for couple of days and that is as good as 15 to 20 cigarettes and that save a good amount of money for heavy smokers.

Variety – Tired of smoking the same flavor and brand? Well, smokers that want to break away from regular tobacco flavor cigarettes can make use of e cigarettes that can offer wide range of flavor options. Now you have the liberty to smoke cigarettes that have coffee flavor, or you can go for other flavors like vanilla, cherry, strawberry and many more. This allows you to keep trying different flavors if you are bored of the same old flavor that you have been smoking. Since these flavors do not have nicotine even non-smokers can try out e cigarettes that can offer them the smoking-like experience. E cigarette users can find more than 100 different flavors in the market which offers them lot of variety that they can never find with regular tobacco cigarettes.

No Ash – Get rid of those ugly ash marks and spots on your clothes because there is no smoke when you are using e-cigarettes. These cigarettes are complete electric and therefore you will never have to worry about the cigarette ash and the spots that you usually find on your clothes. You never have to worry about smoking it in no smoking zone because e cigarettes are non-harmful and therefore it is allowed when you smoke e cigarettes even in no smoking zones.

No Lighter – Smokers always carry a matchbox or lighter that they need to light the cigarettes but you don’t need to carry anything extra when you are smoking e cigs because there is no tobacco that you can burn. The fourth generation of ecigs offer better charging technologies and therefore it allows users to charge the ecigs box while they are at home or office and they can charge the ecigs in the box even when they are on the move. This means that the e cigarettes are always charging up when they are on the move. So, smokers never have to find a lighter or matchbox whenever they want to smoke.


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