5 Negative Health Effects Of Driving A Long Commute

The average commute time is anywhere from 22 minutes to 26 minutes. Working professionals who are fortunate enough to have a small commute do not have to worry about going to and from work. However, there is a large number of people who drive over 30 minutes or 60 minutes to work each day. If you are driving a longer amount every day, it could have devastating effects on your health. Here are some of the negative effects of driving over 2 hours each day. Continue reading “5 Negative Health Effects Of Driving A Long Commute”

Alternative Pain Relief Therapies That Are becoming Mainstream

Pain management may be the most pressing issue in the medical community today. The amount of people who seek pain management therapies has boomed and continues to grow quickly. Part of this is fueled by the fact that people are living longer and longer lives mean more pain during that long life. There are so many people living with chronic or intermittent pain that the parts of the traditional medical industries providing therapies are filled with multi-billion dollar companies that are some of the fastest growing.

The problem with the majority of the current traditional pain management therapies is that they often center around or greatly include the use of opiate based pharmaceuticals which although effective at managing the pain. Too often leave people feeling like zombies when they take them. In many cases they cannot function normally. Another big issue is that they are some of the most highly addictive substances known. Over time a person will inevitably get hooked on these drugs requiring them to take higher doses and completely changing their lives to one that revolves around getting their opiate high.

Today there is an epidemic in many western countries of people who started on pain meds and are now full-fledged heroin junkies.

The need for alternative pain therapies that do not have the same awful side effects has never been greater and the wonderful news is that several alternative pain therapies are showing great results at treating patients.

Here is perhaps the most promising:


Everyone in the pain management industry that is not a pharmaceutical company is excited about medical marijuana. There is no doubt that medical marijuana is the hottest new alternative pain treatments and it is primarily because of a compound it contains called CBD. This powerful compound is a cannabinoid found in the seeds, stalks and flowers of the Cannabis plant. It occurs naturally and can be extracted, independent of other cannabinoids, in oil form. Although many new compounds have been discovered in cannabis CBD is perhaps the most promising because of its wide range of benefits and it is not psychoactive so it will not get you high if you ingest it.

How is CBD Oil Administered?

Today there are a range of ways to take CBD and it is generally delivered in an oil that is then put in capsules. The compound has shown a wealth of health benefits in humans that include: reduction of cancer symptoms, improved heart health, relief from anxiety and depression. It has shown antipsychotic effects and may reduce psychotic symptoms. But its biggest win so far has been for patients with pain severe symptoms. CBD oil has proven as effective with many patients as opiates without any of the side effects and with no addiction issues.

Today because of the controversy surrounding marijuana, CBD Oil is only slowly getting into the hands of pain patients through companies like https://www.cbdcentral.com/what-is-cbd/ . Many of them find great relief and have been spreading the world about CBD Oil. At this pace, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a mainstream therapy.

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Recover Your Smile Fast With Same Day Crowns

Everyone wants to have a nice smile. Especially in a world obsessed with selfies, when your picture will be plastered all over the Internet, you don’t want others to see any stains, cracks, or gaps wrecking your smile. Your smile conveys a lot of information about you and is one of your biggest assets so you want to do everything you can to make it sparkle and avoid things that can hurt it. Along with smoking, drinking a lot of coffee or tea, chewing ice, and grinding your teeth, poor dental hygiene is a major contributing factor to ruining your smile. Unfortunately, even if you follow good dental hygiene, as you get older, normal wear and tear will take its toll on your teeth.The majority of people who get crowns are middle-aged. Dental crowns can help bring back your beautiful smile. Continue reading “Recover Your Smile Fast With Same Day Crowns”

Some Natural Pain Relief Remedies

If you suffer from pain you may be looking for some natural pain relief remedies. The good thing is that there are so many awesome ways to naturally treat pain without using medication. The next time you are sore after a workout or need to treat constant pain, try using one of these natural pain relievers before turning to medication. Continue reading “Some Natural Pain Relief Remedies”

Panic Attacks in COPD Patients

Having COPD is one thing to worry about, but having COPD and panic attacks can be an overwhelming condition to even take in. Unfortunately, panic disorder in people with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is ten times more prevalent than in people without COPD, and it’s easy to find a relation between the two. Continue reading “Panic Attacks in COPD Patients”

Bathroom Safety Tips to Combat Bathroom Injuries

Home is a place where we all feel safe, but still, there are some places in our home where we can encounter dangerous health situations and with its hard and slippery surface, our bathroom can be that one. We use to take care of all safety measures in our home but we tend to forget we need these preventions in our bathroom too, so with a slight effort, we can make the bathroom a safe and soothing milieu for us and our family. Continue reading “Bathroom Safety Tips to Combat Bathroom Injuries”