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Smoking Facts

by Ana

Tobacco is a substance taken inside the body through cigar, cigarette or pipe. It produces many diseases like cancer, stroke etc. Smoking is one of the form in which tobacco is used. Smoking is a slow killer. Smoking is very easy to start and you become addict to it. Finally if you try to quit from smoking, it is really a tough job. But it should be done to maintain our health in good condition. Once for all try to quit smoking since it is injurious to health. So take back your life by quitting smoking.

Smoking Facts and Tobacco Statistics:

  1. Day by day the number of persons smoking is increasing and if it continues it is expected that 1.6 billion peoples are smokers in the year 2025.
  2. In the whole world approximately 10 million cigarettes are purchased by the smokers in a minute.
  3. Cigarette filters look like white cotton and they are made of very thin fibers of plastics called as cellulose acetate. Generally cigarette filters takes18 months to 10 years to decompose.
  4. All the long-term smokers die because of tobacco-related diseases only.
  5. In the world, in this century one billion lives are in the oscillation of death diseases. So very serious efforts should be taken world wide to stop smoking.
  6. One human life is ended in every eight seconds because of tobacco use. Approximately 5 million deaths occur annually.
  7. Static says that one in five person of teen age from 13 to 15 years is smoking the cigarette.
  8. Radio active lead and polonium are present in cigarette smoke in low level.
  9. More than 50 cancers causing chemical compounds are found in the cigarette smoke and 11 of it are known to be in group carcinogens.
  10. Hydrogen cyanide is used as genocidal chemical agent. Hydrogen cyanide – a toxic by product is present in the cigarette smoke.
  11. Smoldering cigarette smoke contains higher concentrations of the toxins than exhaled smoke.
  12. Acute myeloid leukemia is caused due to Benzene. Benzene exposure is found in the cigarette smoke.
  13. Four or five cigarette contains enough nicotine which could kill an adult if ingested as whole. But only one to two milligrams of nicotine in one cigarette is taken inside the body and the remaining is burned off.
  14. Cigarette contains approximately 8 to 9 mgs of nicotine. Cigar contains 100 to 200 mgs of nicotine. So cigar is more harmful than cigarette. Take back your life by quitting the smoking habit.

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