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Smoking Addiction and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

by Ana

Stop Smoking:

Every smoker thinks to stop smoking. They are unable, because psychologically they are addict to the tobacco plant. So counseling is required and many programs are to be conducted to make the smokers to stop permanently.
Smoking Cessation:

When a smoker smokes for a long term he automatically becomes addict to it without his knowledge. So finding the best method in assisting the smokers with smoking cessation is not an easy job.

The following options can help the smokers to quit from smoking:

  1. Cold Turkey
  2. Nicotine fading
  3. Nicotine skin patch
  4. Nicotine Inhaler
  5. Chantix
  6. Nicotine Gum
  7. Nicotine Nasal spray
  8. Nicotine Lozenge
  9. Zyban.
    • Cold Turkey:

    Some smokers are successful in this method. Many several attempts are performed before success.

    Factor to be considered in this method are

    1. Cost wise it is minimum.
    2. You can manage the process.
    3. It is a one-step process.
    4. Smoker should be very confident in quitting.
    5. Symptoms like irritability, headache etc may be severe for some smokers due to the nicotine withdrawal.
    • Nicotine Fading:

    In this method, for the first week 30% of the cigarette smoking is reduced by the smokers. Smoking is reduced 60% in the second week and 90% in the third week. During the fourth week the smoker quits by cold turkey method. Here in this method nicotine withdrawal symptom is reduced. Factor to be considered are:

    1. Easy way process and 2. Motivation of the smoker should be high..

    • Nicotine Skin Patch:

    To reduce the nicotine withdrawal symptoms a substitute source of nicotine is provided during this quitting process. This takes about 8 to 12 weeks. Factors to be considered are as follows:

    1. For every 24 hours one patch is applied.
    2. Smoker should have high level of motivation to leave smoking.
    3. While using the patch smokers should stop smoking completely.
    4. It is not advisable for heart patients, BP patients and during pregnancy.
    • 4) Nicotine Inhaler:

    To reduce the withdrawal symptoms while stopping, the Nicotine Inhaler is another substitute of nicotine. Maximum 12 nicotine cartridges could be used in one day.

    Factors to consider:

    1. High level of motivation should be there.
    2. When using nicotine inhaler, smoker should stop the cigarette completely.
    3. Physician’s prescription is necessary.
    • 5) Chantix:

    Chantix is a nicotine-free pill which helps for reducing the craving. Use one pill for three days and after 3 days, take 0.5 mg pill twice a day for four days.

    Factors to be considered are

    1. After eating the food, chantix should be taken in with a full of a glass of water.
    2. It is not recommended for the use of nicotine replacement therapy, so try any method and get rid of smoking.

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