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How you can become Good Parents?

by Ana

One of the most challenging jobs for parents is to raise healthy and happy good-parentingchild and it is the most rewarding job.

Most of people follow those techniques which their parents have used without thinking that are they effective or not.

Here are the some tips for good parenting:

  • Your children learn from you so you have to keep your behavior with other people good. Because when you will treat some one harshly your child will do same thing.
  • You have to give enough time to your child. You have to involve in the life of your child.

  • Set limits for your child and give independence to your child so it will build confidence in him or her. If the exceed from those limit punish them in such a way so they can learn from it.
  • Do not set harsh discipline for your child.
  • Always treat your child politely and with respect.
  • Do not use any harsh language or abuse in front of your child because they picked it up very quickly.
  • Cherish your children and tell them how much happy they are to become their parents.


  • Always appreciate your children if they have done anything good.
  • It is natural phenomena that give respect and take respect. Always respect your child and do not do anything with them if you would not like that your child do it to you.
  • Make fun with your child because playing, tickling and laughing is base of happy home.
  • Think about the time which you have spent with your children. You have to plan how you can involve your child in to social life.
  • Being parents you must try to be good example and it is considered the most important job.
  • Children are like mop. They adopt things very quickly so you tell them what your moral values are? As parents you must have to control the flow of ideas and images that are influencing your children.


  • Children do not know about the moral scope until and unless people around them use the clear, sharp language of right and wrong.
  • You must have to involve in school life of your child. You always tried to help your child to become a good student and help them to acquire a good character.
  • Being parents you must have to listen your child seriously and help them to resolve their problems.

As parents you must have to help your children in building their character. And we as parents must have to accept our responsibilities. Parents must have to generate an environment in which your child builds habit of honesty, kindness and sense of justice. But the most important thing is that the biggest opportunity they have to make their own character strong through the daily blood, sweat and tears of struggling to be good parents.

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