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Are Boys More Challenging to Raise than Girls?

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No doubt, there is an individual in every child and children life takes a shape with the bend of their natural personality and with their surrounding environment that includes parents too. It has been observed that parents provide different handling to boys and girls right from the time of birth. For instance, parents, especially father tends to talk more softly to girls than the boys.

Author of “Boys Drift” Leonard Sax says “The wiring of boys and girls’ brains are different from the time of birth and parents raise boys and girls differently because they know that they are different.”

Here, the moot question is which gender is more challenging to raise and to analyze that we have to examine the approaches of both these genders in different aspects of life.


It has been noticed that boys are difficult to teach discipline and the considered reason behind is that right from birth, boys’ hearing is not as good as of girls and this difference gets bigger and bigger with their age. The verbal center in a girl’s brain develops faster than the guys and that’s why their hearing is more sensitive. This is the reason that the girls respond quickly and better to different discipline strategies.

Physical Safety

Usually, boys are more aggressive and unruly than the girls and the pleasure centers of boys’ brains light up when they show to do something risky. According to a large number of parents they have to keep a closer eye on their boys ‘activities and often the need more bandages. We can say that boys give a tough time to their parents so far physical safety is concerned.


In the beginning, a girl baby is more interested in watching textures, colors etc while a boy baby tends to look towards movements. This difference can also be noticed the way kids draw: To draw nouns girls inclined to use a rainbow of hues and on the other hand, boys tend towards their more verbs like pictures like vehicles crashing and wars.

In short, to be people-oriented girls are rigged and the boys to be action-inclined. The girls can read nonverbal signal better while guys are good at learning verbal signals.


It is critical to develop a healthy self-image in all kids. Usually, girls tend to more insecure than boys because they are more people-oriented and submissive gender. Carol Gilligan, a well-known gender researchers and psychologist says in this connection “That is what we call the tyranny of nice and kind as we are unintentionally raising girls to be people pleasers.


More often boys prove very difficult so far schooling is concerned and one reason may be that boys and modern education don’t prove a pleasant match. A majority of boys have to lag behind the girls in their early years so far developing self-control, attentiveness, language and some other skills are concerned.

Spatial learning, like geometry, is one area where girls seem to do less well in school .It is also possible that the girls use different parts of their brains to precede space observations.

We can conclude that in the earlier years of their lives boys seem to be more challenging to handle than the girls but in their preteen years the girls become more challenging.  However, it largely depends on parents how do they reflect on this challenge and what good they offer to their kids to make them really successful in their lives. So, much depends on the handling of this challenge.

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