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Smart Parenting Tips

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Child grooming is an art and the parents who know it are extremely successful with their kids while others are not? Some people think luck is a major factor, think over it again. The process of child rearing is not a matter of luck it depends on the parent knowledge, if not learned, would mean trouble for whole family.

In the 21st century kids’ parenting is getting harder but it can be the most paying if the art of parenting is known and practiced. This art doesn’t hide any ’special secrets’ and every parent is invited to implement it. The time tested principles can help you bring up your children and build a prosperous family.1. No Set Rules!

Like everyone else, your child has his/her own personality and must be treated as an individual. A set of hard-and-fast rules cannot produce good children any more than each parent is likely to reacts the similar when a child act in a certain way. Each kid has its own mentality, traits and IQ level, for this reason, parents must avoid comparing one child with another.

2. Don’t Start Too Early!

Researches have revealed that the learning process in fact starts from babyhood. The reason behind, during the early years (the first 3 years), the main circuitry of the brain is being formed. Learning any kind of skill or a habit at that time would make a better impression on the child’s mind.
So start educating your baby by reading to it. It may not comprehend the words but it will likely benefit from your soothing voice and its adoring tone.

3. Children Need You Time

Child’s brain is like a sponge, ready to soak up its surroundings. With an inborn curiosity, a desire to explore and know about surrounding, your child plies you with a running stream of questions. Why is the sky blue? What are the stars made of? Who taught the birds to sing? How birds are flying? Why we can’t fly? The questions are infinite. But if you’re not there to answer these questions, your child would find answers from environment which can either right or wrong.

The end result of not spending time with your child can be bothersome. One thing that your child would never understand, why he or she is being left alone, kid may feel deserted, rejected, neglected and unloved. Child may develop attachments with peers to replace the parents too busy for him, an attachment that could lead to living a double life. Keep away these troubles by spending some time with your children.

4. Be ideal

According to a quotation “actions speak louder than words.” Whether you desire it or not, your child is going to copy you. By nature child is forced to pick up the attitudes and actions observes in parents. So pay keen attention to your behavior as a parent since life’s most important lessons are taught by example than verbal. So let your child learn to show care and love by observing how loving and caring you are to the others.

5. Accept Your Mistakes

No body is perfect so is the case with parents. No matter how hard you try, sometimes you should make mistakes. Whenever this happens, be swift to apologize. Your child will not only become more eager to cooperate with you, but would also learn to make apology when he or she does something wrong.

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