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How to Raise Confidence among Children?

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It is confidence that makes people realize who they are and what they can do. Confidence and self-esteem are two such elements of our personality as always prove helpful to remove even the biggest hurdle or difficulty that come in our way while marching towards some goal. If these two elements are missing, even tiniest problem of life looks like the Great Wall of China. This world has been created for the people who astonish every one in a sudden by doing something exceptional and usually people with unshakable confidence have the ability to do so.

Usually parents want to see their children with those achievements as parents themselves couldn’t achieve in their lives. They want children to fill colors in those dreams that parents used to have. No child is born as Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton it is surrounding and atmosphere that make a child Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. So, what parent best can do for their children is just try to give them confidence and self-esteem and let them explore and find their own ways.

The way children think about themselves it affects every portion of their lives. To guide them towards happiness, success and security, it is essential to know how confidence and self-esteem can be imbibed in children.

To tell children that they are loved and valued, you can raise them as persons who will not be afraid of laddering on the stars

Try to be honest with your children and as much honest as you can about theirs feelings and about yours. Make it clear that you experience the similar sentiments they do and what they sense is always appropriate. This sincerity will allow an association of common respect to build up and will offer your children a sense of self-importance and also improve their self-esteem.

Further tell children that like us they will also have such days in their lives when they feel disturbed, sad or crazy. Let them feel whatever they are going through and experiencing. While talking about feelings with your children, let them know that life isn’t always easy. Hard times also come with the better times, and knowledge to stable these times is a part of growing as an adult. For example, if your 13-year-old boy is cut from basketball, it’s okay for him to undergo displeasure.

However, one must remember that providing solutions to children problems is not giving them confidence but to make them feel dependable on you. The best way to raise confident children is to let them find the solutions of their problems and parents must appreciate whatever solution they give for certain problem. Only this way they can gain confidence on their skills and intelligence.

In past it has been happening so that parents used to give less attention to their children and it was the biggest problem of children .During these days a bigger not the biggest problem of the children is over attention. Now parents give so much attention and concern to their children that the children begin to doubt their own abilities and they see towards their parents even for the solution of a minute problem.
It happens when parents permit children to keep away from reasonably demanding circumstances so they won’t be troubled. It also happens when too many directions or too many instructions are forced on children.

Over attention is mainly a state of mind. It is an idea that children can’t control complicated situations and they can’t deal with uneasiness or distress. Neither less attention nor over attention can be helpful to raise confident children only proper attention can make your child a confident person who can realize those dreams whatever you have for them.

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