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Exciting Stinking Shoe Competition Organized by Odor-Eaters

by Ana

Odor-Eaters are a fun company which has all the best products to get rid of odor from all your clothes and shoes as well.

Sprays and a lot more can surely help in providing a better alternative to stinking clothes and more. So it is always a great idea to buy products from Odor Eaters.

So the Annual Odor Eaters Rotten Sneaker decided to take off once again this year for the 35th time.

Contestants from all across America participated in this extremely fun competition because it surely provides an exciting opportunity to kids to have a great time competing for something other than the usual things.

Stinking shoes is always fun, possibly a nightmare for moms and even the judges, but that does not stop Odor Eaters from arranging something a little offbeat. This is one reason the competition is such a hit with kids and every year a lot of them participate in a very enthusiastic way.

There are a lot of very well known and famous people who were judging the contest. Among them, well known names are that of “Master Sniffer” much better known as George Aldrich, who is also incidentally the Chemical Specialist for NASA space missions, and not to forget the renowned Rachel Herz, Ph.D., famous for being the author of The Scent of Desire, and a professor at Brown University. They possibly had quite a tough time putting up with all that odor but then it definitely was quite an offbeat kind of competition to judge.

As the saying goes that the winner takes it all. So was the case with Trinette Robinson. She gets a whopping amount of prize money along with a whole lot of other different goodies about which she must be surely extremely excited. No wonder Trinette tried to outdo her other contestants on the smelly shoes department!

She even gets an entire trip to New York City with all expenses paid so that she can watch The Lion King in Broadway! If that sounds like fun then there is more for prize- free gift hampers from Oder-Eaters for her stinky shoes!

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