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10000 Quilts Hospitalized Children

by Ana

If America needs a promise, then Downy brings it to them. Downy, a charitable organization has promised to gift American hospitals with more than 10000 quilts.

The United States has a huge need as each year there are more than six million kids who need medical facilities in hospitals and downy has decided to bring a smile to al these kids.

Downy places to collaborate with Quilts for kids, a non profit organization who specialize in making quilts for children.

Downy fabric softener, on their behalf has released a new marked up bottle from which 5 cents from every purchase will go to Quilts for kids to help them make excellent quilts for the children. They can look for the new bottle design, which features a “quilted” label and the Downy Touch of Comfort logo on the front

Downy Touch Of Comfort Program as this marketing campaign is called is one of the company’s first big campaign that will help more than 10000 odd children in various hospitals all across America. Now, children in all these hospitals can look forward to a beautiful quilt that can make them feel special and at home.

These quilts are beautifully made with fabrics that have been taken from places all across the globe and they can make bring smiles and a comfortable stay for children in these hospitals.

A hospital is a place which should be in top shape for it can make any patients feel at home. These quilts will definitely let these children be comfortable which in turn can help these children recover at a faster pace.

This has been a beautiful gesture from Downy non-profit and Quilt for Kids at making American hospitals a better place for children.

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