Causes of Neck Pain among Children

Neck Pain

Neck pain is not new in the human body, but excessive stressful lifestyle can cause the worst pain. Sometimes it is neck-pain1related with other body disorders or leads to other ailments. In current days children are also a victim of neck pain. It can appear because of many reasons, like:

Usual causes of neck pain among children:

•    Stress or tension (which is quite common among kids also) can also trigger the headache or neck pain.

•    Carrying heavy books stresses their neck and can also pull the neck muscles. Weight of these books is enhances the weight of the bag over their capacity, which can cause the neck pain.

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How to heal teased children

Teased Children

Children with special needs usually face difficulties at the every stage of their live. Along with their disabilities theyteasing are also victims of teasing. In such a situation parents need to take a firm hold. Instead of being demoralized because of the condition try to face that bravely. You child needs your help. Teach them to accept the situation with brave heart.

•    To cope with the teasing you can arrange a session or presentation with his or her classmate. Where you inform them about your kid’s condition & as well as classmates are also get the chance to fulfill their quarries.

•    You need some advanced practice to faces various situations, like- if your child informs you that their classmate called him/her with an objectionable name etc.

•    In this internet age you can also get various materials on the teasing issue through the internet & you will be able to make your own ideas.

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How to Stop Bedwetting in Children

Bed wetting is common problem among kids. Most of the time it gets cured as they grow older, but several options are available to remove the problem. Sometimes situations make them feel embarrassed as they fail to control the problem.

•    Make it a habit for your child to go to the toilet before going to bed.

•    There are various stretching exercises designed for preventing this problem. Consult a professional trainer to get rid of the problem.

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Better Behaved Child: Another Potential Benefit to Breast-Feeding

feedingAnother potential benefit to breast-feeding has come forward as fewer behavioral problems in children.

A new study finds that parents of youngsters who were breast-fed as infants have been reporting less regarding behavioral problems in their children during the first five years of life.

Similarly, the possibilities of mental health issues reduce in proportion to the duration of breast-feeding, i.e. if a child has been breast-fed for a year is less likely to develop behavioral problems than a child who has been breast-fed for just two months.

Dr. Katherine Hobbs Knutson (a resident in the department of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston) presented the study at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting, in San Diego. She said: “Though it’s an early finding, it indicates that breast-feeding during infancy could have an effect on behavior during childhood.”

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Chinese Sweet Maker Stops Sales of Tainted Sweet

The domestic sales of one of its well-known brands have been stopped by a Chinese sweet maker, as they were found to contain melamine.

The exports of the popular White Rabbit candy have already been halted by Guanshengyuan, a well known sweet maker in China.

This is being considered the latest development in a spreading food safety scandal regarding toxic milk.

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Acetaminophen Increasing Risk of Asthma in Children

THURSDAY, (HealthDay News) – Children treated with acetaminophen (paracetamol) during the early days of life to reduce fever have more chances to develop asthma later on, a new study finds. It was a large study conducted in 31 countries around the world.

These children are also more likely to have diseases such as rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema when they reach to the age of age 6 to 7, according to new findings published in The Lancet.

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