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Blackheads causes and treatments

by Ana

Try to know the causes first, and then go for treatment

Blackheads can never be treated without knowing the actual reasons behind their occurrences.So, it is essential to understand what causes blackheads and how you can it make sure that if they go once, would never return again.
In actual, blackheads are pimples that don’t occur into whiteheads as the pores are large enough to develop a protective shield of skin when they get blocked and infected. Our body produces an oily substance that is known as sebum oil. This substance is the basic factor behind natural oily skin. This substance produces to keep body hair waterproof and also to keep the skin moisture.

The sebum oil travels from sebaceous glands through body pores and hair follicles to the surface of the skin. Usually, sebaceous glands produce too much sebum and this sebum is blocked by already jammed pores, it fails to effectively reach the surface of the skin. This causes to fill that jammed pores with bacteria and dead skin cells. A protective layer of skin develops on hair follicle and a whitehead begins to grow when this frequently occurs and the pores get smaller in diameter. But when these hair follicles are little large, it becomes impossible to form the protective layer of skin.

After knowing the causes, now the next step is to examine why the blocking methods and treatment rules act in removing blackhead acne. In most of the effective treatment programs, there are two things to be focused on. The first one is to reduce the amount of sebum oil and the second one is to keep pores healthy and unblocked.

In topical solutions, Beta-hydroxy acid is used that dig out bacteria from pores and maintain their cleanness. It has also become an important product to get rid of blackheads. Secondly, it provides a simple solution all you need to do is to wipe up the infected area with the BHA solution after washing face.

The second way is to make body produce less sebum oil. You can achieve this just by changing your behavior or your ways while doing certain things and you require some self-discipline and that is somewhat a difficult issue to overcome. These changes are just like to change the products in use or the procedure of washing face. Several people who are easily be the victim of acne the treat their oily skin with abrasives, skin drying products and regular washing.

If you just make behavioral changes, you may get rid of acne without spending enough money and wasting time on such products as don’t work and usually make the problem worse. Blackheads are found on skin and everyone knows that skin is a sensitive issue and any sort of new experiment with the skin can be harmful.

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El August 5, 2008 - 8:28 am

Oh my I hate this so much, i have some on my chin and forehead. I love to press it manually and even with something sharp. which is not a good way to cure it. Thanks for this article, now i know what treatment should i use without wasting lots of money.

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