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10 Warning Signs of Skin Cancer – Causes and the Treatment

by Ana

Skin Cancers may include Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma. These all are the types of Skin Cancer and they start as the Precancerous Lesions.

These precancerous conditions may bring changes in the Skin that are basically not Cancer but can lead to Cancer. About 40-50% of people are suffering from Skin Cancer and Skin Cancer is mostly found in the people with fair complexion.

Try to look for the early signs of Skin Cancer, if you trace them, it will easy to treat in time.

Here are few signs of Skin Cancer

Image by Christiana Care

Source by : flickr

  1. Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    The nonmelanoma Skin Cancer may occur in the form of Red Nodule that may be scaly, bleeds developing a crust or a wound that does not heal. This disease can mostly be found on Nose, Forehead, Ears, Lips, Hands and other areas of body that are exposed to the rays of Sun. It is a curable condition if treated early.

    Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Source by : wikimedia

  2. Bowen Disease

    Bowen disease is also known as Squamous Cell Carcinoma. This Skin Cancer can appear in the outward direction on the surface of Skin. The invasive Squamous Cell Carcinomas may grow in the inward direction and may spread to inside of body. Bowen disease is scaly, has Red patches and even become crusted.

    Bowen Disease

    Source by : wikimedia

  3. Basal Cell Carcinoma

    Basal Cell Carcinoma

    Source by : wikipedia

    Basal Cell Carcinoma is the common disease, which can be easily treated. This disease is mostly seen in the adults and may spread gradually. This type of Tumor cells may occur in the form of White, Brown, flat and waxy patches with Blood Vessels on the patches. This condition may occur on the Ears, Neck, Chest and Face.

  4. Cutaneous Horns

    This condition may occur as a Funnel shaped patches that are seen on the surface of Skin having Red base. These patches also contain Keratin. It is the Protein that is present in the Nails. The size and shape of Cutaneous Horns may vary but they are few millimeters in length. This condition is mostly found in the people having fair complexion and who are exposed to Sun.

    Cutaneous Horns

    Source by : wikimedia

  5. Actinic Keratosis

    These are the tiny patches that are caused by the Sun and it is found on the Head, Neck and Hands but it is also found on the other parts of body. This condition can be a sign of Skin Cancer. These patches take some time to become Cancerous. Some patches don’t become Cancerous even after sometime. Early treatment can prevent this disease.

    People with Fair complexion, Blond Hair, Red Hair, Green and Blue Eyes are at more risk.

    Actinic keratosis

    Source by : wikimedia

  6. Actinic Cheilitis

    Actinic Chelitis is also a precancerous condition that mostly appears on the Lips. It can lead to the scaly patches and roughness of Lips.

    Symptoms of Actinic Chelitis

    Following are the symptoms of Actinic Chelitis

    •    Swelling of Lips

    •    Loss of borders of Lip and other Skin

    •    This condition can lead to Squamous Cell Carcinoma if not treated in time

  7. Moles

    Mole is a growth of Melanocytes. It is the Cell that gives color to the Skin. Very few Moles become Cancerous. It takes time to become Mole Melanoma or Cancerous.  A normal Mole is flat but it can be raised with the passage of time. The surface of Mole is mostly smooth.

    Normal Moles have round or Oval shape and not very big in size. Moles are developed in the youth. People don’t develop Moles in the adulthood.


    Source by : wikimedia

  8. Atypical Moles or Dysplastic Nevi

    This type of Moles are not Cancerous but they can become Cancerous. They appear on the places which are exposed to Sun. these Moles are larger and are irregular in shape. The borders of these moles are lighter in color. Atypical Moles are sometimes flat and sometimes raised with smooth or rough surface. There can be different colors of these Moles including Pink, Red and Black.Keep Knowledge About Your Moles: The Moles that appear on the human body are all same but if the mole and Freckle is different or is larger in size than you should urgently consult a Dermatologist. These Moles and Freckles can be Cancerous.

    Dysplastic Nevi

    Source by : wikimedia

    • Asymmetry of Moles

      Asymmetry means the whole of Mole does not match with the rest of the part. The usual Moles are Symmetrical. Try to compare your Moles with the other Moles. If all the parts of Moles are not same than consult a Dermatologist.

    • Border of Moles

      If the border of Moles is blurred or irregular then get it check by a Dermatologist. Cancerous Lesion has uneven borders.

    • Color of the Moles

      Moles of different color including Brown, Black, Blue, Red or White can be mysterious because Moles have 1 color.

    • Diameter of Moles

      A mole can be suspicious, if it is larger than a normal Mole. Normal Moles are less than 6 Millimeter in diameter.

    • Evolving of Moles

      A mole does not seem to be shrinking, getting larger, changing color, feel itching or Bleed; it should be checked by a Dermatologist. A raised Mole can be Cancerous. Cancerous Moles grow in an irregular size and abnormal height.

    Evaluation of Moles

    If you have Mole that itches, has scales, does not heal, has redness or swelling then try to consult a Dermatologist. The Dermatologist will take a sample tissue for biopsy. If the Mole is found to be Cancerous then whole of it is removed.

  9. Melanoma

    It is the rare type of Skin Cancer. It is one of the most serious and deadly Cancer.Signs of Melanoma may include emergence of Mole or a pigmented patch on the Skin. If the size, color, texture, shape and border changes of a Mole than urgently consult a Dermatologist. Cancerous Skin Cells have irregular shape, various colors, itches and may bleed.


    Source by : wikimedia

  10. Rare Skin Cancers

    Some rare Skin Cancers may include

    • Kaposi’s Sarcoma

      It is mostly found in the people, who have weak Immune system.

      Kaposi’s Sarcoma

      Source by : wikimedia

    • Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma

      This type of Cancer can give rise to Cancer in the Oil glands of Skin.

    • Merkel Cell Carcinoma

      This Skin Cancer can be found in the areas that are exposed to the Sun including Head, Neck, Arms and Legs. This condition can easily spread to the other parts of body.

Cause of Skin Cancer

The main cause of Skin Cancer is exposure to Sun.

Other causes of Skin Cancer may include

  • Environmental pollution
  • Radiation treatment
  • Role of hereditary

Besides all this, anyone can suffer from Skin Cancer at any age.

Image by deadstardro

Source by : flickr

Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Cancer

The treatment of Skin Cancer is easy in the initial stages. In time treatment increase the rate of speedy recovery and rate of survival. The non-Melanoma Skin Cancers may include Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. These are common disease and are treated well, if found early. People who suffer from Skin Cancer have the risk to suffer from this condition again.


Source by : wikimedia

Risks for Skin Cancer:

Following are the risk factors for Skin Cancer

  • People with fair complexion
  • People with colored Eyes
  • Appearance of large and irregular shaped Moles
  • Family history of Skin Cancer
  • Exposure to Sun
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Exposure to gases
  • Living at high altitudes
  • Radiation treatment

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

Following are the tips to reduce the risk of Skin Cancer

  • Try to decrease the exposure to Ultraviolet Rays.
  • Take care of your Skin between 10 a.m to 4p.m because the Sunrays are strongest at that time.
  • Try to apply Sunscreen lotion before going out in Sun.
  • Try to wear a Hat and Sunglasses before going in Sun.

If you notice any sort of change in your Skin, try to consult a doctor. He will better inform you about the changes taking place on your Skin.

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