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Skin Cancer – A Detailed Analysis on Skin Cancer

by Vinay M

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the type of cancer that builds in tissues of the skin. This cancer develops because of the molecules found in cell (DNA) that holds the genetic information becomes damaged and the immune system of body fails to repair them.

These damaged cells starts growing and divide into more cells without reaching the maturity level. When these cells increases and multiply, tumor is formed. Skin cancer is detectable in early stages if it develops in the outer layer of skin called epidermis. In outer layer, skin cancer is viewable usually clearly. Older people are facing more skin cancer on the exposed parts of body to sun or the persons having destabilized immune system.

  • Melanoma is the skin cancer that is formed in melancoytes (cells that make pigment) and,
  • Carcinoma is the skin cancer that is formed in base cells (small cells in base of the outer layer of skin).
  • Neuroendocrine carcinoma is the skin cancer that grows in the neuroendocrine cells. These cells release hormones I response to signals from nervous system.

In United States, skin cancer is the most general form of skin cancer. Basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer are most common types in United States. As mentioned above these types of cancer is formed on body parts usually exposed to sun like head, neck, face, arms and hands. Melanoma is more injurious to health but it is less common in patients.

Causes of Skin Cancer

Any one of you becomes the victim on skin cancer. The people who suffer mostly the skin cancer usually spend a lot of time in sun, they are light colored skin and hair, above 50years of age or they have skin cancer patient in their family.

The main reason of skin cancer is Ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation

This radiation omits from the sun are the major cause of skin cancer. Radiation from sun is actually energy from sun. UV radiation consists of rays that are invisible for human being. Infrared radiation from sun makes the hot feeling. UV rays destroy the DNA. DNA is a genetic material that builds up genes. Health of skin cells is controlled by genes. If genetic damage is rigorous the skin cells begins to divide without reaching the maturity level. Sunburn because of UV damages the skin. This makes the skin old and lined ahead of time.

Ultraviolet Radiation Consists of  Two Types if Sub Rays:

  • UVA Ultraviolet (A)
  • UVB Ultraviolet (B)

It important to protect yourself from UVA and UVB because in early studies researches notion was that too much disclosure to UVB rays is the main cause of skin cancer. However, according to recent studies that UVA is also the cause of skin cancer.

Researchers have no doubt that that heredity is also one of the reasons of skin cancer. In skin cancer where heredity is involved the reason is abnormal genes. These genes are inherited in children from parents. Did you think that heredity and genes make children look alike to their parents? Then the genes also make children to inherit some of diseases too.

You should have your doctor check any suspicious skin markings and any changes in the way your skin looks. Treatment is more likely to work well when cancer is found early. If not treated, some types of skin cancer cells can spread to other tissues and organs.

Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer common symptoms are:

  • Change in existing skin growth
  • New growth on the existing skin
  • Aching that does not cure
  • Changing of size in shape and color of mole is a warning size.
  • New pain or burning, bleeding in existing mole should be paid attention by qualified doctor.

Read the following point to identify malignant melanoma:

  • In noncancerous, average person have many of moles and other skin growth is undisruptive and can be removed by physician.
  • Birthmarks are present on body are not dangerous.
  • Adults have moles and these moles grow up by the passage of time and take dark color throughout teenage years.
  • Liver spots mainly appear on neck face arms and hands. They have no concern with liver. They only grow aging and sun affects.
  • The sun damage skin produces actinic keratoses. They are somewhat scaly with radish patches.

It is clear now that not all variations in skin are the symptom of skin cancer. Mostly moles and other growths are risk-free and not be worry to remove them if you not feel them guilty for your face value and personality.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Treatment of skin cancer and skin scratch is known as keratoses. This treatment varies depending upon the condition of patient skin scratches. Mostly abnormal cells are removed by surgery or destroyed by medication. This type of surgery is done only by giving local anesthesia.

If supplementary cure is needed then options are:

  • Surgery

This treatment is useful for most of skin cancer types. Surgeons execute the cancerous tissues. In some cases, extra normal skin is removed around the tumor. To avoid scratch marks on your face consult with skilled doctor in skin reconstruction.

  • Laser therapy

A precise laser is a light beam from electromagnetic spectrum. This beam vaporizes the skin cancer growth. This will damage surrounding tissues with minimum swelling and bleeding.

  • Freezing

Liquid nitrogen is used to destroy actinic keratoses in early skin cancer by freezing them. Patient will require repeating treatment for complete cure.

  • Radiation therapy

If surgery is not the option the radiation is used to destroy basal and carcinomas.

  • Chemotherapy

Cancer is killed by drugs in this process. Creams and lotions having anti-cancer elements are applied on the skin directly. Systemic chemotherapy is used for treatment of skin cancer that is extended to other parts of body.

  • Moths  surgery

This is longer procedure and may difficult for skin treatment. As this is special skin surgery and it requires skilled doctors to treat.

  • Curettage and electrodessication

When growth of skin cancer stops, surgeon scuff away cancer cells by curet (circular blade). After this electric needle, wipe outs remaining cancer cells. This is quick procedure for treatment of small cell cancers.

Prevention of Skin Cancer

  • Time Down Exposure

Sun UV rays are at peak between 11 am to 4 pm.

  • Cover your Skin

Use umbrella, shirt or hat as skin cover for arms, neck, and legs. Walk under tree shades. Make sure your clothes have enough tight knit to prevent the penetration of sunrays to the skin. Sunglasses you wear should be UV protected.

  • Light clouds

Light clouds don not stop UV rays. Approximately 80% of rays cross down the UV rays. Cloudy day may also be a sunburn reason for you.


UV rays can reflect 80% from water, snow, concrete. You should remember about this type of reflection.

  • Children Protection

In childhood, harmful effects of sunrays occur most in disclosure to sun. Dya light is harmful for the babies less than one year of age. As for extra protection use sunscreen for babies having age of 6 months.

  • Moles Check

Check you moles and face lines every month for any change. In case of any change like any new growth, moles that grow sharply and cant heal up; have an urgent visit to your physician.

World famous skin cancer treatment centers

  • University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, Wash.
  • University of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago, Illi.
  • UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York
  • University of Arizona Cancer Center
  • Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute (CARTI)
  • Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles
  • The Burnham Institute, formerly the La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation, La Jolla
  • University of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago
  • Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago
  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

Your age and health condition will influence on your diagnostics and choices for treatment. The main reason of any type of treatment for skin cancer is restoration of health you. Be aware of that during treatment healthy cells may spoil. Take side affects information from you clinic or physician. This is very important for you as patient. Question to your doctor about any upcoming problem during treatment. This will minimize your problems and may lead to you for good treatment for healthy life.

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