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Getting Rid Of Blackheads

by Souti

Medically blackhead is also known as open comedo. It’s a kind of blackish or even yellowish plug or bump (people sometimes call it a kind of acne too) mostly appears on your back or on your face. One of the most common findings of acne vulgaris are Blackheads. Because of the collection of the extra oils at sebaceous gland’s duct, blackheads usually appear. Mostly sebum as well as keratin has been found in such blackheads which turn into a darker shade as the oxidizing process continues.

Causes of Blackheads

Because of the collection of oil as well as dead skin cells & oil blackheads appear in the sebaceous glands (in the ducts). Such things help to block the pores, which in turn instigate sebum to make to plugs. By exposing to the oxygen it turns black. Mostly the T zone in your face, especially the nose usually gets affected by blackheads. People with oily skin are more prone to such problems. However there are some solutions too, which can help you to get rid of such ailments.

Blackheads on Nose

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Some Solutions Are

Cleaning the Skin

Cleaning your skin with a suitable cleanser for your skin type can also help you to get rid of this problem. You can prepare a paste with sour cream as well as sugar, water, baking soda, lemon juice & salt. Prepare a fine paste & apply it by concentrating on your affected areas (by a gentle circular motion). Continue this process for 3-4 minutes & then rinse well with water. It will exfoliate you skin well.

Hormonal Treatments

Contraceptives have already been considered to be quite a popular treatment option for acne as well as blackheads & people are very pleased by its results too.

UV Exposure

Exposing your skin under ultraviolet light (sunlight) can also help you to peel, which in turn is able to unclog your pores. Sometimes people like to get sunbeds or even sunbath for such problem. However professional suggestions is highly needed, because over exposure can make the situation worse.

By Moisturizing your Face

During evening put a wet clean cloth on your face for almost 10-15 minutes. It will help to loosen dirt, dead skin as well as is able to remove various other pores blocking stuff too. If you are able to do this in a daily basis then it would be of great help for your blackhead problem. After removing the cloth make sure you are washing it well, so that all the germs get killed.


One of the common medicines is a third generation tropical retinoid called adapalene. It’s mostly used for treating mild to even moderate acne. People using such treatments are getting good outcomes too. In a country like USA, you will get adapalene in the name of (brand name) Differin.

Use strips

Blackhead removing strips are also available worldwide. You just need to clean your face & place it on your affected area (it could be your forehead, cheeks, chin or even nose) & let it dry completely (for almost 10-15 minutes). After taking it off, make sure you are washing your face well with some disinfectant.


Make sure your oily hair is not touching your skin, because it can encourage the infection by boosting up acne or blackheads.

Stay Hydrated

To stay hydrated you need to drink plenty of water (8 glasses of water suggested). It will not only help you to stay away from dehydration, it also allows your cells to do its activity well.

Get some Good Facial

You can also take the help from your dermatologist or even a professional who can provide you a good facial to get rid of blackheads. Though it could cost a few bucks, but you can feel safe in the hands of a professional.

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