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Does Medical Marijuana Helps to Treat Darier’s Disease?

by Souti
Does Medical Marijuana Helps to Treat Darier’s Disease?

Darier’s disease is a very rare skin condition that impacts less than one percent of the people in the world. But if you are one of those unlucky individuals who is suffering from Darier’s disease, you may want to find out about the different methods that you can use to get better.

Symptoms of Darier’s Disease:

The condition is usually spotted because of wart-like blemishes that are all over the body. They can start to appear during the teenage years, but some people do not suffer from Darier’s disease until they are in adulthood. The wart-like blemishes are visible in different parts of the body, including the scalp, forehead, upper arms, knees, elbows or behind the ears. Some of the other symptoms of Darier’s disease include abnormalities with your nails, pits in the palms of your hands, and issues with the soles of your feet.

Some of the symptoms are only seen in 20 or 30 percent of patients with Darier’s disease. But other symptoms are present in around 80 to 99 percent of Darier’s disease cases. If you are suffering from one or more of these symptoms, it is vital that you see a doctor. It could be something completely unrelated, but it is much better to get checked out.

Treating Darier’s Disease:

The condition is caused by mutations in the ATP2A2 gene in the body. It is impossible to stop Darier’s disease from occurring, which is why most people do not even think about getting treatment until they notice one of the symptoms on their body. It is an inherited condition that is going to pass down from one generation to another. If a person has the mutated gene, there is a 50 percent chance their children will have the mutated gene too.

Most of the treatment is about managing the condition. It includes wearing sunscreen, cool cotton shirts, keeping out of the heat, using moisturizers and taking mid-potency topical steroids to avoid inflammation.

CBD and Darier’s Disease:

It is said that medical marijuana could greatly help those who are suffering from Darier’s disease. The CBD in marijuana can help to get rid of some of the allergic responses to Darier’s disease in the body by blocking CB2 receptors in the skin. This results in much less inflammation and scratching. It is a great alternative to using steroids regularly.

If you are suffering from Darier’s disease, and your current treatment is not helping, you may want to consider buying CBD oil which you can find online. Even if CBD oil does not help to cure your condition, it can provide huge relief from the symptoms. It will lower your inflammation, ensure that you are not always itchy and scratching your skin, and promote calmness all over your body.

Suffering from Darier’s disease is not easy, and it requires many lifestyle adjustments. But if you are prepared to make those changes, and you use CBD oil along with the other drugs given by your doctor, you have a very good chance of leading a normal life.

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