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HIV Sweeps Back in MSM

hiv2.jpgAmong U.S. males ages 13 to 24, cases climbed up to 12 percent

According to U.S. health officials report, there is an alarming increase of HIV cases among men especially young one who have sex with men.
The term that has been used for these people by Public health experts is “men who have sex with men” or MSM as several among them neither homosexual nor even bisexual.

According to a report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, It has been noted that during 2001 to 2006, the largest HIV transmission group in the U.S was male-to-male sex group.

The greatest increase was of 12.4 percent among 13 to 24 years old males who had sex with other males and the increase was even more in ethnic minorities.

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Senate Reaches a Tentative Deal on Worldwide AIDS Bill

aids-pic3.gifTo fight diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis worldwide, the senate has reached to a tentative agreement to authorize a federal program again.

The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief was suggested with $15 billion in funding at the time of its creation five years back. Now the extension of the plan suggested $50 billion more to control HIV and AIDS in many countries of the world. Due to concerns over increased spending, seven Republican senators led by Tom Coburn had stalled that plan.

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The First Lung Cancer Vaccine has been Approved by the Cuban Authorities.

19349.jpgCuban authorities have approved the first vaccine for use to increase the lives of patients with lung cancer and the vaccine is available in Cuban hospitals, told Cuban scientist on Tuesday.

The drug named Cima Vax EGF has shown good results to raise survival rates of four to five months and even longer in some patients on average basis, the scientists stated in a new conference at Cuba’s Center of Molecular Immunology.
Contrary to chemotherapy, Cima Vax EGF has fewer side effects because it contains modified proteins that target only the cancer cells.

The scientists told that there were other vaccines currently being tested in other parts of the world but CimaVax EGF was the first lung cancer approved vaccine anywhere in the world.

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Istradfeylline may cut tremors related to Parkinson’s

parkinsons_pathway.jpgA new study suggests


(HealthDay News)– According to a new study, Parkinson’s patients, who struggle against tics, spasm, tremors that usually occur when main medications is diminished, may be helped by a new drug.

Istradfeylline helps nerve and brain signals bypass and the spoiled dopamine system that be the cause of Parkinson. In a trial 395 people with Parkinson who used levodopa (a well-known Parkinson’s drug) were found with 24% higher “off” than those who were using Istradfeylline. The “off” has been defined as a time when physical symptoms begins to appear after wearing off the drug levodopa.Similarly, in a group studied who took a placebo showed 10 % drop in “Off” time.

The results suggest that istradefylline works effectively if it is used as an add-on therapy to other drugs that are used for Parkinson’s symptoms. The thing that is noteworthy is that this drug may improve “off” time in a population that is consisted of more than 90% of patients that are already being given two or more drugs. It was stated by study author Dr. Mark Stacy of Duke University Centre in Durham, N.C.

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Natural Treatment of Cystic Acne

What is Cystic Acne?

The most painful and repugnant form of acne is called Cystic Acne. It is also called modular cystic acne. Cystic acne is the result of an infection on the skin surface in the shape of swollen pustules. The infection of skin in form of cystic acne is very painful, and the infection cannot be cured overnight. The red pustules are visible on the surface of the skin filled with pus.

Causes of cystic acne

There are many causes of cystic acne but the major cause of development of the infection cannot be defined specifically, and it actually varies person to person.

Hormonal changes or imbalances

Acne can breakout at any age. Hormonal changes or imbalances due to any reason can be the cause of cystic acne in human body. Post pregnancy acne is quite common because of the constant vast hormonal changes take place in the body.

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Blackheads causes and treatments

Try to know the causes first, and then go for treatment

Blackheads can never be treated without knowing the actual reasons behind their occurrences.So, it is essential to understand what causes blackheads and how you can it make sure that if they go once, would never return again.
In actual, blackheads are pimples that don’t occur into whiteheads as the pores are large enough to develop a protective shield of skin when they get blocked and infected. Our body produces an oily substance that is known as sebum oil. This substance is the basic factor behind natural oily skin. This substance produces to keep body hair waterproof and also to keep the skin moisture.

The sebum oil travels from sebaceous glands through body pores and hair follicles to the surface of the skin. Usually, sebaceous glands produce too much sebum and this sebum is blocked by already jammed pores, it fails to effectively reach the surface of the skin. This causes to fill that jammed pores with bacteria and dead skin cells. A protective layer of skin develops on hair follicle and a whitehead begins to grow when this frequently occurs and the pores get smaller in diameter. But when these hair follicles are little large, it becomes impossible to form the protective layer of skin.

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