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Skin Rash – An Overview

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No body part is invulnerable to this skin problem. For an instance, an individual may develop an entire body rash or the skin rash can be more confined. Most targeted areas include inside of arms, underarm, leg joint, face, under breasts, waistline, etc.

The problem with this skin condition is that the cause of the skin rash can vary considerably from person to person. Besides, a skin rash can be caused by a number of factors. This makes treatment for skin rash a hard task and skin rash medication difficult to choose.

In order to exactly diagnose any skin rash, it is important to find out the reason responsible for this skincare problem.

Viruses are one of the key factors for skin diseases. Viral skin rash includes shingles rash, chicken pox rash, and hive rash.

Bacteria also cause skin rash, such as strep rash, syphilis rash, Lyme disease rash, impetigo rash, and cellulitis infection rash.

Skin rashes can also be caused by fungus, such as ringworm Tinea pedis or athletes foot is a rash in which fungi attack on the feet skin. Tinea versicolor is a skin fungus rash that causes skin discoloration patches.

People having food allergies frequently experience a food allergy rash when they intake or come in contact with the culprit foods. Other types of allergies can lead to eczema skin rash.

A stress rash can also be occurred with any individual. Heat rashes are also common in tropical region or in hot climate. Cold dry weather can cause a dry skin rash or xerosis.
Mites are major cause of scabies, other bugs bite or insect bite or stings can also lead to a rash on the skin, either at the site of the bite or all over the body if an allergic reaction occurs.

Plants also pay some contribution to this problem to some extend. A lot of people have experienced the uncomfortable and very itchy feeling of a poison ivy or burning poison oak.

Drugs can produce hives or skin rashes as well. Some people, who show sensitivity to penicillin or cephalosporin, often experience a penicillin rash. The use of concentrated steroidal creams on the face is considered to cause perioral dermatitis rash or rash around the mouth.

Finally, for some types of skin rashes the cause is difficult to isolate, researchers are still not able to find the exact reason; psoriasis rash is one of its examples.

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