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Tips for Coloring Your Hairs

by Ana

Hair coloring is one of those styling procedures which always remains alive with any fashion trend, what changes is only the shades.

Women always want their hairs to be colored in a stylish way so that they can style themselves and for this they undergo such activities which sometimes turn into disaster rather than just style. Hair coloring trend looks awesome but like any other fashion activity it also carries some certain set of rules and if they are not followed then the style goes away from fashion to somewhat horrible thing. For the ladies who want to get their hairs colored in a fantastic way, here are some set of rules that are applied on hair coloring and they should be followed if you want a professional look for your hairs.

  • First of all the main thing is to understand what is color? And the simple answer for this is that it is something which we see as a result of reflection of light on the color pigments. There is no need to get deeper into this science but just remember that you can only get to know about the any of the true color in natural light so don’t rely on the lightening of shopping mall while selecting hair color for you.
  • Now you should what are the types of hair color, some main one are Permanent hair color which permanently changes the pigments of your hairs and thus you can never return back to your natural hair color. Then is the Semi-permanent hair color which affects your pigments of hairs but it lets the color stay on your hair for the standard time of that product. The best ones are Deposit Only colors which deposit color to your hairs just for enhancing the natural looks but not changing them completely.
  • After deciding what kind of hair color you are going to start with, now analyze the true tone of your hairs, if you are having some tone of cool color in your hairs and you want to warm it up then you should go for the darker colors and to bring a cool look for you then go for lighter colors but before anything decide it correctly that which tone will suit best with your overall personality especially your skin.

  • To preview the results of new color always perform a strand test and don’t be afraid of repeating this test until you get the perfect tone and always perform this test on the uncolored hairs to get the true results.
  • Now while coloring your hairs it would be better to divide them in to two or more sections width wise depending on their density.
  • If you have long hairs then ask someone for help because you might not be able to handle all parts of your hairs correctly.
  • Don’t try to recolor the hairs which already carry some hair color in them because this mixture can easily turn into disaster.
  • The basic thing which you should keep in mind before coloring your hairs is that you should not follow any of that color which is looking fantastic on the hairs of some model but you should always apply a strand test over your hairs to get the real idea of that color. The colors of TV actresses and models can differ in their tone because of lots of camera lights and other lights in which they are standing.

These were some of the suggestions which should be kept in mind while coloring you hairs because hairs are not that body part that can afford any kind of experiment or risk so you need to be truly attentive towards this activity.

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