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Beauty Benefits of Rosemary Oil

by Vinay M
Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary belongs to the same family as that of mint. From the ancient periods this aromatic herb is quite popular for its health & beauty benefits. Extract from the leaves of the rosemary herb is known as rosemary oil. In aromatherapy industry, rosemary oil is gaining in popularity day by day. This oil has a pale yellow colored appearance with a woody, balsamic fragrance.

Following are a few benefits of rosemary oil, when you add it to your regular beauty routine:

Regenerates Skin:

This oil can reconstruct your skin. From removing dark spots to scars, it can treat them all. Regular application can also lower the appearance of wrinkles as well as puffiness of your skin. Rosemary oil has cell reconstruction properties, which supports the treatment of various skin damages or conditions.

Awesome Facial Toner:

Facial Toner

Image by: Pixabay

Presence of natural astringent in rosemary oil makes it a wonderful toner. It can hydrate your skin well &is able to remove the blemishes also. If you can add this in your daily beauty routine then you will get a smooth radiant skin very easily. Wash your face well & then take a cotton ball to apply the oil on your face. Now wait for the next 20 minutes at least & then use lukewarm water to wash your face. This process will allow your skin to get the nutrients from rosemary, which leads to a soft smooth skin.

Reduces The Speed of Aging:

It’s a rich source of antioxidant properties which help in lowering of the appearance of wrinkles by tightening your skin. Regular use of rosemary oil can also slow down the aging process.

Remedy for Acne:

Remedy for Acne

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Acne problem is something which we are dealing with very often. It not only ruins our look but also sometimes it becomes really painful too. However various researches have revealed that rosemary essential oil is a good option for treating acne. Mix this oil with castor oil & apply the mixture on your face. Now leave it there for almost 10-15 minutes & then use lukewarm water to wash your face well. If you can do this process 3 to 4 days weekly, you will definitely get the desired result.

Averts Skin Infection:

It’s a rich supplier of compounds which are able to treat puffiness as well as swelling too. Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema & dermatitis can be treated with rosemary oil. It is able to heal burn wounds too.

Enhances the Glow:

Enhances the Glow

Image by: Pixabay

If you want some glow in your face, but don’t have time to visit parlors, then try the rosemary oil. It has the capability to enhance the blood circulation. This oil is safe enough to apply under your puffy eyes as well as on your dark circle too.

Treating Dandruff Well:


Image by: André Mouraux

When you are looking for some relief from your flaky head, then rosemary oil could be the remedy. Mix a few drops of this oil with your regular shampoo as well as with your conditioner too & you will definitely feel the differences.

Make Your Hair Thick & Healthy:

Healthy Hair

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If you are suffering from thin hair then try this oil. Apply it on your scalp after shower & it will help you to grow new hair. By encouraging your hair cavities, it is able to make your hair strong & thick too. It is also able to avert the early arrival of grey hair. To enhance hair growth you can mix rosemary oil with olive oil or coconut oil or even with almond oil.

Grey Hair Coverage:

It’s better to use natural stuff over the chemical options to cover your grey hair. So instead of visiting the parlor, start massaging your scalp with rosemary oil as soon as you notice grey hair. It’s a chemical free dying process, which makes your hair healthy too.

Featured Image by: Pixabay

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