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Reasons to Avoid Hand Sanitizers

by Souti
Avoid Hand Sanitizers

Avoid Hand Sanitizers

Winter is not very far and it means the start of cold and flu season. Experts believe that you can stay away from these illness, by washing your hands frequently. Sanitizer is something, which comes in handy to serve this purpose. It has been gaining popularity from the 90’s, before that we preferred to wash our hands in the proper way. Hand sanitizer is a quick fix option for germ free hands. However in some recent studies, hand sanitizers have been found to be a health hazard as well.

Some of these problems are as follows:

Presence of Excessive Alcohol:

Presence of Excessive Alcohol

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Hand sanitizers have around sixty five percent of ethyl alcohol along with pure alcohol, which is swallowed by our skin. Various studies have revealed that alcohol has been found in the blood stream of people, who regularly use hand sanitizers and among kids as well. Licking enough quantities of it can make them drunk. Alcohol content in these hand sanitizers can also be swallowed by taking in the smell of the sanitizers vapor. Some hand sanitizers have been found to contain rubbing alcohol isopropyl alcohol which is widely regarded as a neurotoxin.

It can also get soaked though your skin and is really toxic even for small applications too. Two kinds of alcohol present in hand sanitizers account for about ninety-five percent. On the other hand alcohol-free options are also not very safe to apply, because of the presence of benzalkonium chloride. This chemical is can instigate hyperactivities as well as immune disorder too. These problems can lead to conditions like chronic dermatitis and even asthma.

Antibiotic Resistance:

Antibiotic Resistance

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Triclosan is popular for its ability to create bacteria resistance for serious antibiotics. Presence of this compound in hand sanitizers increase the risk of antibiotic resistance by killing good bacteria’s and in turn provides support in protecting bad bacteria’s

Weak Immune System:

Weak Immune System

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Presence of triclosen can also leave a bad impact on your immune system. Research conducted at the School of Public Health , University of Michigan revealed that our immune system gets harmfully impacted by triclosan , a common ingredient in hand sanitizers. Thus people become more exposed to the risk of developing allergies. Another study revealed that teens and children who have greater levels of triclosan are more likely to come down with allergies and hay fever.

Presence of Toxic Chemicals:

Presence of Toxic Chemicals

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When you get some smell from your hand sanitizers, it means they are full of various toxic chemicals. Because the creators are not mentioning their secret elements, so there are chances of high levels of several chemicals. As we already know synthetic aromas have phthalates that can disrupt the endocrine system and in some cases have a negative impact on the development of the genitelia.



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In various hand sanitizers you can find a chemical called parabens. It can avert the bacterial growth. However this can also lead to various health conditions like, skin irritation, cancer, endocrine disruptions and neurotoxicity. So try to stay away from stuff which contains methylparaben, ethylparaben, prophyparaben and butylparaben.

Elements Affecting Microbes can Impact us as Well:

Benzalkonium is one of the most common ingredients in hand sanitizers. It normally kills bacteria by dissolving the outer wall of the bacteria cells. However it is also harmful for the human cells as well as microbes.

This compound can enhance the irritation in the mucosal lining and can also instigate allergies too. Various studies also revealed that it can also be dangerous for birds as well as fishes too.

They Don’t Work Well:

They Don’t Work Well

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According to a study revealed in the year of 2000, hand sanitizers do not always noticeably lower the portion of bacteria on our hands. On the other hand there is a chance that it could enhance it. Experts also said that hand sanitizers usually take away the skin’s natural oil. We know that oil actually repels bacteria that attack the surface. These hand sanitizers basically lower our skin’s natural defensive power.

Enhance The Process of Aging:

Enhance The Process of Aging

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Using all of these harsh chemicals for a long period of time makes our skin dry and enhances the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and many more skin aging process. Using chemicals on our skin makes it dehydrated too.

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