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Need Sound Sleep! Tips to Make A Perfect Bed

by Vinay M
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You spend a lot of your time in bed asleep, so it stands to reason that you would want to be able to do so as comfortably as possible. Your bed may not be occupied for much of the day while you’re at work, but that isn’t an excuse to have a messy bed and an unkempt bedroom. Everyone has a different idea of what makes a perfect bed, but there is one thing that everyone can agree on: it has to be one that gives you a perfect night of sound sleep.

The way that you decorate and design your bed is going to help you to have the best night of sleep possible and if you are paying attention to your own needs, you can make the bed one that you never want to leave. So, how can you make the perfect bed?

  1. Firstly, we need to start with the actual bed. Some people love to use a divan bed, others a sturdy wooden number with slats. There are even people out there that refurbish palettes and have a low bed close to the floor. Once you’ve decided which bed is going to be right for you, you need to check out Mattress Guides and decide which firmness is correct for your comfort. The bare bones of your bed are every bit as important as the color theme and the pillows; so, don’t skimp on this bit!
  2. Next, you need to think about a bed skirt; especially if you’ve chosen a divan bed. Choose a color that matches the rest of the room but keep it more neutral. So, if you had blue walls with grey accents, choosing a cream bed skirt will fit with both colors very nicely.
  3. Choose to use a zippered mattress protector. Did you know that over the years, your mattress can double in weight under the dust and the mites in the fabric? Not a nice thought, but a zippered mattress protector can keep your mattress living a little bit longer.
  4. Once you’ve sorted the bottom of the bed, think about the fitted sheets and flat sheets that go on top of the mattress. You need a fitted sheet on the bottom, then a flat sheet over the top of that.
  5. You need to figure out which thickness of duvet is right for you and it’s going to massively depend on the season for most people. Your bed can look so plush with the loftiness of a thick and luxurious duvet, and once you’ve added it and a comforter, pull back a third of the cover to make room for the pillows.
  6. Put your sleeping pillows down first, then cover with six to eight smaller, comfy pillows for a decorative look. Throw pillows are so in right now, and you can make your pillowcases match your duvet cover – it’ll liven up the entire bedroom.

Your bed should be inviting, beautiful and comfortable. Giving it a little pizazz is the perfect way to have something to look forward to when you come home.


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