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How to Improve Your Insulin Resistance: Useful Tips

by Souti
Insulin resistance tips

Insulin assists the human body to incorporate glucose, which in turn helps to control the blood sugar level. However insulin resistance enhance the chances of type 2 diabetes by making it tough for glucose to get all soaked up.

Regular exercise & balanced diet can help you in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as prediabetes kind of ailments.

Do’s and Don’ts of Diet:

Usually it’s always good to buy unprocessed whole foods, instead of buying processed as well as cooked food. Processed foods like rice, soda, white bread etc. can increase your blood sugar level, which leads to some excessive pressure on your pancreas. Make sure you are not consuming excessive alcohol or sugar or bad fat. It can increase your weight & we all know that obesity is strict no no for insulin resistance.

Following are some food ideas which can assist in insulin awareness of the body.

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  • Foods having high fiber content like whole grains, beans etc.
  • Antioxidants rich foods like berries etc.
  • Veggies that are low in calories like broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, kale, peppers etc.
  • Protein rich foods like fish(herring, rainbow trout, salmon, mackerel etc.), lean meat ( you can even try veal , lamb , pork etc. when they are lean &the fat is trimmed ). Nuts and lentils are found to be protein rich food sources.
  • Unsweetened drinks.
  • Potatoes that have less GI, like sweet potatoes.

Consume allowed quantities of Healthy fats:

olive avocados

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You need to identify the sources of unsaturated healthy fat. Foods like seed butters, nuts etc. can offer you some healthy fat, as well as fiber protein & magnesium too. These less carbohydrate content foods can control your blood sugar level. Olives & avocados are a good choice too. However make sure you are portioning you nut consumption as well, otherwise it could add some extra calories in your diet.

Regular Physical activity:

Regular Physical Activity

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By doing daily workouts you can reduce your blood pressure level. It can help you to lower your weight & burn your calories too. You don’t need to be a good athlete. Things that keep you moving are good enough for you. Make sure you are enjoying, whatever you are doing, be it dancing, swimming, running, jogging etc.

In this current busy lifestyle you could face difficulties in managing the time for your daily exercises. Nevertheless when there is an intension there are always ways. Park your car quite far from your work place, so that you can take a long walk to reach your office. Instead of waiting for the elevator take the stairs. You can also use your lunch hour to get some movement.

Following are some guidelines about foods that you need to shun to lower your blood sugar level.

  • Vegetables like (starchy) pumpkin, yams, potatoes, corn etc.
  • Dairy products specially those which comes from cows. Mostly milk.
  • For some people grains (whole or refined) can make the situation worse.
  • Foods rich in saturated fats, like butter, chocolate, salt pork etc.
  • Boxed foods as well as processed snacks.
  • Beverages, that are artificially sweetened, like soda, fountain drinks, fruit juice etc.
  • Other sugary foods like ice cream, cupcakes etc.
  • Flour, pasta, rice, white bread.
  • Beer and other forms of alcohols that are prepared from grains should not be consumed in large quantities if not at all.

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