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Living with Pet Allergy: 7 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

by Ana

If you are a dog parent who also happens to have pet allergy, you would know about the struggle of trying to suppress your condition while providing your dog with all the love that you can give. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to alleviate your situation and live a happy and healthy life with your beloved four-legged friend. Here are some helpful tips that you can take into consideration.

First, Consult Your Doctor

The first thing you should do when you begin experiencing symptoms of allergy is to consult your doctor. It is important to determine what exactly is causing your symptoms, or if additional allergens are exacerbating the effects of one particular allergen. For instance, you may be mildly allergic to the proteins present in your pet’s saliva, urine, or dead skin cells, but you may be even more allergic to pollen, tobacco smoke, or dust mites. Understanding what exactly triggers your symptoms is central to understanding the mitigation efforts you can undertake, as well as the medications that you might be required to take.

Keep Your Pet off Your Bedroom

If you determine that you are allergic to your pet, it is important to create an allergen-free zone in your home where you can rest comfortably, especially at night. It is recommended to start with your bedroom, since this is the place in your home where you’ll be spending time in the most, and it will be where you will be resting after the end of every day.

Consider Having Your Pet Stay in Your Yard More Often

If you have a safe, spacious yard, you might want to consider having your pet stay there more often, especially since many dogs love staying outdoors as well. An exception would be if staying outdoors will expose your pet to the elements, extreme temperatures, or inclement weather conditions. It’s also probably not a good idea if your area is known for having dangerous wildlife or critters lurking about.

You should also walk your dog and play with them more often so that they get to spend much of their pent-up energy every day, preventing them from becoming too needy and wanting to stay inside the house. Consider buying a martingale collar and a proper leash to help you keep your dog safe when you head out of your property.

Install HEPA Filters in Your Home

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can remove very fine particles that are present in your home’s indoor air, which could help a lot if you have pet allergy. As per U.S. government standards, a HEPA filter must remove 99.97% of the particles as small of 0.3 µm that pass through it.

Some air purifiers even incorporate other features such as air ionizers and UV light to deactivate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that are present in the air or are trapped in the filter media, respectively.

Clean Your House and Clothes More Often

Another effective way to minimize the amount of allergens in your home is by cleaning up more often. Instead of a broom, use a vacuum cleaner to actually remove the particles that have settled on your floors and on your furnishings. Note that there are some vacuum cleaners that are also equipped with HEPA filters, as well as vacuum cleaner models that automatically go around your house to clean even if you’re not around.

Using a steam cleaner that produces steam at high pressure can also help remove embedded dirt while also eliminating germs, mold particles, dust mites, and animal dander proteins that are entrenched in your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture.

Finally, you also have to launder your clothes more often to get rid of the allergens that they may have picked up from your pet.

Bathe Your Pet More Often

Bathing your dog on a weekly basis also helps reduce the level of allergy-causing particles on their skin and fur. Make sure to use products that are appropriate for your pet to prevent their skin from drying too much. If you’re unsure about the bathing routine to follow, consult your veterinarian.

Bathe More Often Yourself

Finally, remember that it’s also important to clean yourself more often as well. Wash your hands after touching your dog, and take baths more often to reduce the number of allergens that have found their way on your skin.

In conclusion, remember that you don’t have to break up the awesome relationship that you have with your dog just to save yourself from your allergies. As many pet allergy managers can attest to, all the effort they put into coping with their condition is well worth the love from their pet that they get in return!

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