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Tips for Caring Your Nails

by Ana

Hands are most important body organs which can leave our impressions on the other person and they are also the best tool to express or convey our thoughts to others.

When someone talks about clumsy or dirty hands then he is not talking directly about the hands but it is the nails which are making the outlook for hands and if nails are not neat and tidy so are hands as well. Nail car should be an activity which every woman should try to follow in order to look beautiful and leave their impression on someone, it doesn’t take much of your time and if nails are taken care properly then they can built a beautiful outlook of your hands thus we can say your outlook.

 Here are some tips provided regarding nail care and for the perfect nails it is strongly suggested to follow these tips.

  • To get healthy long nails soak them in a bowl of warm water with the drops of lemon juice in it and keep doing this activity for 15 minutes twice a week.
  • You diet must have to be perfect, for the beautiful shiny nails drink as much water as you can, eat fresh vegetables  and salads in your diet as well.
  • Try to use of good quality of nail filer to shape your nails and try to avoid metal filler as they become harsh sometime and break the nail a good one id the crystal filler that is good for both natural and artificial nails.

  • Try to avoid the acetone nail polish remover as they can make the external surface of nail rough and non-shiny.
  • If you are going for darker nail shades then you should first apply the base color so that the natural color of your nail can be protected.
  • Don’t always cover up the nails with the nail polish but let them be free for sometime because too much coloring can make the natural color pale and unattractive.
  • Before going to some professional meeting or interview rub your nails with the petroleum jellyand then clean it with a tissue or soft cloth, this will add shine and healthier look to your hair.
  • These were some of the suggestions which every woman should follow because they will really protect the natural beauty of your nails and with that make them more attractive and beautiful.

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