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How to flaunt your eyebrows – Check out these tips

by Ana

A perfect pair of well-shaped eyebrows can change your complete appearance. Just like your hair or skin or eyes you need to be equally concerned about your eyebrows. It will not only enhance your complete look, it can also frame your face too. Hairs on your eyebrows are the laziest growing hair of your body & lifespan of these hairs are almost 4 months.

However when you are not a celebrity & not able to manage weekly appointment for your brows, then you might have no other choice but to manage the stuff on your own. So following tips will help you to get some ideas about the perfect eyebrows.

Taking a Professional Appointment

When you are completely novice in this field & have no idea about shapes and grooming then visiting a professional initially might help you in the long run. Initial ideas about shapes & grooming will help you to manage it later at home.

Threading Vs. Waxing

Now a days, numerous beauty parlors or salons are offering a waxing for eyebrows also. But, you should keep distance from waxing of eyebrows, because areas around eyes are quite sensitive & waxing can damage the skin as well as tear the nerves near those sensitive areas. So threading is one of the best options for maintaining well- shaped eyebrows.
Not Very Bold or Not Very Thin:

When you are putting some effort on shaping your eyebrows make sure you have the perfect idea about the shape of your face. Making your eyebrows excessively thin or bold will leave an impact on the appearance of your face (it may appear bigger or even thinner).

Buy the Perfect Tweezers:

A good pair of tweezers always come in handy when you are suffering from time constraint. However, make sure you are using it with full caution. Otherwise, you could get injured & it can ruin your look too.

Thin or Even Nil Eyebrows:

In case, if you have thin or almost nil eyebrows; don’t worry… it is not an issue because you can draw eyebrows on your own with the help of various beauty products like eyebrow powder, pencil, gel, brow and lash brush etc. available in the market. You can get various color choices also for the eyebrows pencil. A smart tip – if you want your eyes to pop with pencil eyebrows then use a makeup brush to apply a bit of mineral based compact (powder form) and blend it well.

Brushing your Eyebrows

After you get out of your bed in the morning you can brush your brows with a soft tooth thin comb. You can repeat this process before going outside from your home. Hair spray is also a nice option to keep them in place for quite a long period of time.

Applying Some Highlight

To bring attention to your eyebrow line as well as to your eyes, you can use a bit highlighter just below the arch of your eyebrows. It will make your eyes big & make you look young also.

Know the Best Shape

We may have experience of various types of eyebrow fashion, from thick bold eyebrows to completely removed & then painted eyebrows etc. Nevertheless no matter what the current fashion trend is according to experts, the thumb rule is that the eyebrows should start from a point located on top of an imaginary straight line drawn vertically from the center your nostrils under your eyes and should end on the last one-third section of your eye. This is easy to do once you get the hang of it.  To follow these steps you can initially visit a professional & then going forward you can easily maintain them on your own.

Enhance Hair Growth
It doesn’t matter whatever shape you have, the healthier they are, they look more radiant. With a well-grown pair of eyebrows, you can create more style as per your choice. So consuming vitamins like E, C & A could give you some nice outcomes. Along with these vitamins, there are various oil treatments. Some home remedies are also available which can give your eyebrows a nice growth, like onion juice, lavender oil, aloe Vera, rose oil, sesame seed oil, coconut oil, lemon oil etc. However castor oil is also quiet popular for encouraging hair growth.

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