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Most Efficient Work – out Exercises

by Ana

Exercising is a vital part of our everyday lives; it is what keeps us fit and healthy. One must exercise regardless of the fact that whether they are skinny or insanely obese. There are some exercises that are more effective and efficient than others. The best sort of exercise is one that lays emphasis on the entire body, and not just a specific part of organ. This article will be talking about 5 of the most effective exercises which have been accepted by gym trainers and fitness specialists from various parts of the world.

The five most effective exercises are as follows :

The Turkish-Get-Up is a fairly practiced exercise for most people. To do a Turkish-Get-Up, you need to lie down on any flat surface, and you need to have a dumbbell in one of your hands. This dumbbell should be kept at an arms distance above your head. You now have to try to get up using only your other arm and legs, which will lead to effort from your body muscles.  The exercise is not extremely hard to practice once you are used to it. If you can perform 5-10 sets of Turkish-Get-Ups then that means you’re in pretty good shape.


The Swing-Squat is an exercise that is good for your muscles and body fitness in general. To practice this exercise, you need to hold a dumbbell or kettle ball at your feet, with your arms outstretched. You need to drop into a squat-like position with your hips pushed behind you. Now when you’re about to get up, you need to swing the dumbbell in the opposite direction and fall in the squat position again. This exercise is highly recommended because it’s a cardiovascular and strength building exercise.


The Medicine-Ball-Slams is another set of exercise that is well known. For this, you need to hold a large Medicine-Ball from a Gym, and throw it on the ground with as much strength as possible. It’s a very loud exercise, so you may want to do it somewhere private where it can’t disturb other people. You also need to watch out to prevent the ball from hitting you in the face. This exercise increases athleticism in your upper body, core and legs and builds strength.


Squat-Thrust-Jumps are easy exercises which you can commonly do. It’s also known as a “burpee” exercise. It’s a full body workout in small time durations. You need to put your hands on the ground and kick your legs, while you swing back into the squat position by standing up and jumping while swinging your arms around your head. Even a few minutes of these “burpees” are more than enough.


The Deadlift-to-Overhead Press is yet another refreshing exercise.  You need a heavy object from the ground, such as dumbbell, sandbag, medicine ball or barbell.


You need to be standing straight in a standing position and hoist the weight overhead using your hip muscles to help the upper part of your body to drive the weight upwards. It’s a good exercise and even a few minutes of performing it, will greatly assist your metabolism and heartbeat.

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