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Sculpt Your Body The Natural Way With These Helpful Tips

by Ana

Many people are concerned about their body shapes. Others are worried their bodies are not as fit as they could be. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to sculpt your body into an ideal shape. Body confidence and health worries are just a couple of the common ones. No one’s body will ever match the perfect bodies that we see ‘photoshopped’ in the magazines. However, there are a few things many of us can do to tone up and strengthen what we have naturally.

If your weight is above the ideal range, chances are you’re carrying a little more body fat than is recommended. Muscle weighs more than fat, but building extra muscle can help your body fat burn away faster. It is thought that toned muscles can improve your metabolism to help you avoid putting on weight from unwanted fat. So let’s start with some toning exercises to get you going.

Arms, tums, bums, and legs are common problem areas. This is because these are the areas the body will naturally store excess fat. Generally speaking, your genetic makeup will determine which will be your problem area. Arms can be saggy at the back just below the shoulder. Exercises with light weights that raise the arms to at least shoulder height can help improve the appearance of the arm.

Image By: TownePost Network

Image By: TownePost Network

To bulk up and tone the muscle on the arms, bicep curls are ideal. Light weights are all you need to see a difference in just a few days. Always rest on the day following a muscle workout to give the muscle a chance to repair. You can also use your bodyweight to help you gain strength. Push ups and pull ups are great for the wrist and arm strength. A good breathing technique will help you work harder for longer.

The tummy and chest area can sag as we get older. Avoiding excess weight can be one way to stay looking good. Pregnancy can cause a lot of the problems that some women feel self-confident about. Surprisingly, the article at http://www.thealternativedaily.com/saggy-breast-fixes-that-work/ suggests it’s not all about the bra. You should work the muscles in the chest and tummy to firm up and create a more lifted look. Sit-ups are not always recommended, but crunches can be highly beneficial.

Engaging your core muscle is also thought to enhance your posture to give you a better shape. The core muscle supports the entire frame and all body movements. It is also thought to improve the metabolism. Simply ‘sucking in’ your tummy will help you find that key muscle that supports you. The chest and pelvis should lead when you walk when the posture is correct. Shoulders should be down and relaxed. And the neck should be extended to hold the head high. It can take some practice. Try thirty seconds in front of a mirror to check every day. After a week, your posture should be good naturally.

Bums can sag after pregnancy and as we age. For buns that are shapely, try some toning exercises. On your hands and knees, thrust the leg back straight. This will engage your glutes to tighten your backside. Be sure to engage that core! Clenching your bum can also help improve the shape of the muscles there. High stepping will help sculpt the hips and handles too. Have you tried a vibration plate? These can literally wobble the fat from your legs and bottom. They’re good for improving the circulation so can help remove fluid retention too.

Image By: PROMandoBarista

Image By: PROMandoBarista

Legs that appear heavy are often quite muscly already. But the fat layers can disguise the great natural shape you have. Lengthening stretches can help improve the contours. And greater flexibility often means better balance. This is essential as we get older. Plenty of leg movements while the muscles are engaged will help to tone these muscles. Perform reps to get the most effective workout. High kicks, side kicks, and sitting toe touches should all be repeated thirty times. Squats are very good for building up the thigh muscles. Quads can be quite tight at times, so be certain to stretch for as long as you work out. This should be done both before and after the exercise.

Now you’ve begun toning the key muscles, it’s time to work on burning off any excess body fat. Brisk walking and gentle jogging are the best cardio workouts for a beginner. Cross trainers can be less impactful if you have access to one. Some people find that a fifteen-second sprint followed by forty-five seconds brisk walk is the best way to improve fitness and burn fat. Repeat this ten times for the first few times. Then twenty times. As you feel fitter, you can increase the running time little by little too.

Full body activities like swimming, Yoga and dancing are great ways to get a workout. Why not add one of these into your weekly exercise program? Sex is also considered to be a good way to stay in great physical shape. And activities that you find to be fun are always going to be the best workouts for you! Try a new exercise each week as well. It might only be for a few minutes and work just one part of your body. But it helps to mix things up to stay motivated. And who knows what kind of activities you’ll fall in love with!

Diet does have a lot to do with your weight and body shape. Any diet that is high in fat and calories is likely to cause weight gain. Most of us don’t need to eat as much as we do. It’s about finding that balance between what goes in and what we can realistically burn off again. Smaller portion sizes are one way to help us slim down to a more sculpted body shape. Cutting out excess sugar and fat will dramatically reduce the calorie intake from our foods too. See what you can achieve with a few changes to your lifestyle and culinary habits. Happy sculpting.

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