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Check out these Tips to Combat Stress

by Souti

The modern life is full of busyness, where stress is everywhere. It can be at your workplace or your home. However, to cope up with this modern lifestyle we need to learn how to relax. When stress-free life is not a visible option then we should opt for ways to control the stress. Following are some relaxation techniques which could help you to manage your stress & boost your mood as well as energy.

Do some meditation

You don’t need to be a perfect yogi to get meditation done. Just sit down in a straight posture with your feet on the floor, relax your body & close your eyes for a few minutes. Repeat that you are in peace or love yourself either silently inside your head or loudly.

Deep Breathing

According to psychologist Judith Tutin deep breathing can reduce your blood pressure as well as your heart rate. Just take a few minutes break from your work & sit straight, close your eyes, keep your hand upon your belly & leisurely start inhaling through your nose & exhale through your mouth.

There are few types of breathing techniques, such as –  Abdominal Breathing Technique, Equal Breathing, and Alternate Nostril Breathing etc.

Soak the sun’s rays

To get an instant energy booster go out in the sun & let your body absorb some vitamin D. This type of fast absorption processes not only gives you some positive energy, it will also reduce your depression as well as the negative feelings from your mind.

Explore your senses

From your busy schedule take some time off, reduce your pace & enjoy the wind outside. Feel the wind touching your face. Try to enjoy the food you are having. Spending time to explore your senses will always help you to reduce the stress.

Human connect

Though we believe that social networking sites help us to get connected, but a recent study reveals that we should spend some time to meet people in person. It will help you to get connected as well as enable you to reduce your stress level.

Revisit happy memories

Another process known as creative visualization can also help you to get some relief. Just get to a comfortable place & close your eyes, think of something that can make you feel happy like sharing a bed with your loving partner or meeting with your close buddies, playing some of your favorite childhood games with your best friend etc. According to a health letter published by Mayo Clinic in 2008, guided visualization has proven to reduce stress levels, anxiety, and possible occurrence of migraines.

Laughing out loud

Participating in sessions hosted by Laughing clubs can work wonders on reduction of stress levels. People should not take Laughing clubs as a collection of crazy people. Actually they are using some relaxation techniques. Laughing out loud not only lowers your stress hormone, it also helps your brain to boost, which in turn leads to an energetic mood. If you are averse to joining these laughing clubs, then you can also speak to somebody who can bring a smile in your face or just plug in some of your favorites comedy series or sitcoms.

Tune in to your favorite music or some relaxing melodies

Soothing music (birds chirping, a bubbling brook, the ocean) can also reduce the blood pressure level. You can also create a list of your jam, doesn’t matter whatever they are. Just turn them on & it will reduce your heart rate almost immediately.


Each & every form of work out can boost your energy level by releasing feel good hormones. Simple stretching, rolling your head or shrugging your shoulders are equally good in reducing your stress levels. Going for yoga or a simple walk is quite helpful in reducing your stress levels. Use the staircase of your home instead of the elevator that will also be helpful.

We are all distinct individuals & our ways of feeling relaxed could be different from one another. If someone prefers to walk to lower his or her blood pressure then another one can easily opt for listening to his/her favorite tunes. Just make sure you are enjoying whatever you are doing to relieve yourself of your stress.

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