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Much Needed Advice for Staying Healthy at Any Age

by Ana
Staying Healthy

No matter what age you happen to be, staying healthy should be on your list of important accomplishments and therefore an ongoing goal. Forget those New Year’s resolutions that we all break within a week of making them! Make it your life’s goal to stay healthy at any age and with a little much needed advice and encouragement, it isn’t all that hard to do.

Staying Healthy

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Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

There are altogether too many fad diets out there. There are low carb, no carb, low fat, no fat, and even no food diets, believe it or not! Don’t fast and forget what you’ve heard about eliminating all carbs and all fats from your diet because this could be your ultimate downfall! Slow burn carbs are actually very good for you and provide long-lasting energy throughout the day. Some fats are actually good for you as you can see by the mere fact that fish oil is one of the leading supplements suggested for a healthy diet!

Exercise Regularly – Aerobic Activity Recommended

Exercise is good, especially aerobic activity. Experts say that you should exercise for at least three one-half hour sessions at a minimum each and every week and that you should work up your cardio slowly and surely. A healthy heart helps to maintain a healthy body at any age.

Here’s One You Didn’t Expect – Health Insurance!

This is one you probably didn’t see coming! You need to have good health insurance that covers annual exams and health checks as needed. If you aren’t covered under Obamacare for some reason, make sure to check out the best short term medical insurance you can find that covers routine medical exams, including a round of diagnostics needed to ascertain that you are in a state of good health.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is essential for a healthy body, but contrary to what mom told you so long ago, you don’t really always need 8 hours of sleep a night. Each person has different requirements, so while you might need 6 hours of sound sleep with the required amount of REM, your neighbor might get by on 5 and your cousin Tilly might require 8 or 9 hours nightly. The point is, you know when you are rested to the point where you have ample energy to make it through the following day. Keep a journal of how you feel in relation to how long you’ve slept. You will see a pattern and that’s the sleep you require for a healthy mind and body.

Take Time out for Fun

Finally, the key to staying healthy at any age is to make time for entertainment. You have heard that old adage, “All work and no play,” and that is the Gospel truth! Unless you take time out to unwind and relax, you could be subjecting yourself to undue amounts of stress and we all know stress is a killer! As Norman Mailer did once upon a time, laugh yourself to good health and you will feel better than you can imagine.

While you have probably heard much of this advice over the years, how often do you actually listen to it? It’s time you did if you really want to maintain good health now and at any age for the rest of your life.

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