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Finding the Exercise Routine Right for You

by Vinay M
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We’d all love to have six-pack abs, do hand-stand push-ups, and own a “beach body”, but we have to get real with our commitment. There’s a good reason why we’re so easily swayed into attempting exercise programs far outside our abilities: great marketing.

Weight, Pain Points, and the Reality of Weight Loss

The exercise plans, nutritional drinks, and all that in between known how to prod our pain points. They like to talk about our immobility or how bad we feel when taking off our shirts. Or, talk about how we’re missing out on life versus just telling us our habits aren’t healthy.

That’s not to say there’s no truth in what they’re saying — sometimes it cuts deep because they’re touching a real nerve — a reality. However, the best way to lose weight, become healthy, and make a routine part of our everyday lives is by finding an exercise plan befitting of ourselves.

What Really Motivates People to Exercise

Diets are seemingly impossible without strong convictions and goals.

There are plenty of reasons to commit but most hark on three main things:

  • Health
  • Energy
  • Time

Health is a major driver as being healthy allows you to enjoy more of life by way of mobility. More energy, from being in better shape, lets you maximize the time you have when doing these enjoyable things. And, time in the sense you gain more of it through extended life expectancy.

Other reasons include:

  • Challenge — Wanting to undertake something that’ll push your boundaries
  • Spite — Overcoming a “bad trait” to shine, just to throw it back at someone
  • Appeal — Feeling confident and wanting to attract certain individuals

Realistic Exercise Routines and Programs for YOUR Lifestyle

We’ve covered how it’s difficult adopting a healthy exercise routine. We’ve mentioned a few ideas behind what could motivate you to commit to one. How about we get into the different routine types you could explore to hit those health goals?


Pure Barre

The increasingly popular Pure Barre program is a cardio-intensive workout intended to generate a hard sweat through precision movements, low impact exercises, and positioning. This program is ideal for those stressed with high-intensity workouts, and welcoming to all body types including those who are pregnant.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a top-rated app and exercise hub featuring hundreds of different workouts tailored to different lifestyles and body types. This provides an inexpensive option for those wanting to scale their exercise routines without fully committing to in-class programs or a gym membership.

Hot Yoga

Take the zen of Yoga and literally crank it up (heat-wise, that is). Despite some safety concerns, hot yoga is becoming quite a popular exercise class/program because it combines the core building of Yoga with sweltering heat. Classes are available in most cities and towns. This is a great, low-impact exercise for just about anyone.


We couldn’t decide on just one, so we lumped them together. Boot camps are as they sound — you’re putting your body through some of the toughest exercise regiments — military-style. This is recommended for those able bodies as you’re challenged to climb, crawl, jump, dive, and dodge through courses. Though, some camps are available incorporating lighter exercise routines so keep your eyes out!

Pole Dance

Pole dancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular exercise routines because of its fun factor. Attendees whirl around the pole which is surprisingly tough especially when attempting techniques. This is great as an alternative to strength exercises and mixes in some solid cardio.

Find a Balance of What You Can Do, and What You’d Commit To

Dieting and exercise don’t need to be flashy topics — at their core, it’s about mindfulness of what you consume and the energy you use to maintain a body type. Tune out the signal of marketing and be realistic about what you can do, else you’ll quickly ditch the program like every year after the new year.

  • Find a conviction/reason to exercise
  • Start a program befitting your type

Find a balance between these two and you’ll get that body you want!

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