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Modern and traditional treatments for hair loss

by Kamal Salar

The problems caused by hair loss are considered to be very serious, as besides the esthetical issues that they provoke they also determine serious health problems. There are many treatments that have been discovered regarding the problems of hair loss and many of them have proven to be very effective. Among them we can mention the medical ones that are made in pharmacies and the natural ones that are made by using natural ingredients. All these treatments depend on the gravity of the problem of hair loss and also depend on a person’s possible sensitivity to one ingredient or another that the treatment consists of. Hence, all these treatments are benefic at some point but they have to be administrated to the right person so as to take into consideration all the symptoms and other possible problems.


The causes for which people may lose their hair are varied. From a stressful life to a problematic disease that may cause problems like these there are numerous causes that can provoke the loss of hair.

Another important cause is the excessive use of dying methods for the hair. Many women who wish to dye their hair have the tendency to exaggerate in using chemical paints and solutions for coloring their hair. This is also an important reason for which hair loss may appear. Doctors advise people, especially women to use these solutions moderately as they will risk of losing a lot of their hair at the end. And the recovery process is very difficult; it may take years to recover a hair that has problems.

And last but not least there is always the problem of a chronic disease that may cause the problem of hair loss. Difficult diseases of this kind are likely to provoke a massive hair loss especially if the person uses chemical treatments for the disease. For example, in the case of cancer or leukemia, people affected by these diseases lose almost all their hair gradually until they reach the point of losing it for good. This is a result of chemotherapy at one level, as this method of treating cancer affects the hair cells and causes the loss of hair.


Among the symptoms of hair loss the person having them ca also have problems that are specific to the reason for losing his or her hair. For example in the case of cancer, the person treating him or her with cytostatics or chemotherapy can feel bad and nauseous besides the loss of his or her hair. This is a very severe symptom from all the symptoms of hair loss and it should be regarded as normal at some extent, as for people who have cancer, their health is more important than their hair.

Hair loss can be easily noticed especially when the person having it uses a comb for his or her hair and also when people wash their hair. These two situations are the most likely to alert the loss of hair and that is why the disease. ot of their hair at the nthese symptoms must be taken into consideration and treated accordingly. People must care about their health so as to alert and treat even the minor problems as this one may seem.

All symptoms of hair loss must concern people who have them and doctors advise them to take immediate measures in order to gain more time from the process of recovery and treatment.


Among the most common precautions people are advised to give a great importance to their hair, as it is an important part of their image. The hair must be cared about and treated just like the skin. It plays a major role and so, people are highly advised to use hair care products and natural cosmetics for hair.

Another important precaution to be taken is the one regarding the nutritional system. There are vegetables and fruits that consist of the necessary vitamins for hair. These must be very much used in order to solve the eventual problems that hair loss may caused by.


There are varied treatments for hair loss but the most common of all are the consecrated ones such as special shampoos, masks, solutions and other products that prevent or even treat hair loss problems.

The special shampoos for hair loss problems have certain extracts of plants that have been tested and can treat hair loss problems effectively. However, none of there treatments must be administrated without the instructions of a doctor.

There are also treatments based on pills that are recommended for this type of problems. However, there methods above mentioned are opposed to the traditional ones that consist of naturist mixtures and extracts of plants for reducing this problem.

All these methods have their benefices and advantages. People who suffer from hair loss must, however, choose the ones that are the most suitable for their specific problems.

World famous health centers

In order to treat hair loss effectively there has been created a wide range of numerous health centers around the world. The efficiency of the treatments provided by these health centers has been proven but the only drawback that they may have is regarding the price offers that they apply. People are highly advised to appeal to health center specialists as they will be properly treated but they must however be prepared to pay a lot for the specific treatments and consultations that they will get from these health centers. The specialized centers have the required experience and means of treating hair loss problems and for this reason they are very trustworthy and reliable. The doctors from these health centers use the latest techniques in order to treat their patients and this is a positive feature that should encourage people suffering from hair loss to appeal to specialized aid of this kind.

All in all, the most famous health centers around the world have got what it takes to treat their patients effectively and without difficulties.




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Aileen Petersen September 5, 2010 - 8:28 am

thanks, informative read. i have been trying to deal with my gradual hair loss for quite a while. the best thing i have found so far was the book at baldnesscuresecrets.com, they have some tips that dont use rogaine and work well

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