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Preparing Effective Homemade Hair Spray

by Souti

Hair Spray

We love to try various different hairstyles, but sometimes we are completely unaware about the right choice of hair-spray1product, that can help us to create the style. Hair spray is something that helps you to hold the style properly. You can easily get various hair sprays in market, but most of them contain harmful chemicals, so homemade sprays are a great option.
Preparing your own hair spray:

Light lemon:

•    Firstly you need to arrange for some water along with 2-4 lemons.

•    Now cut the lemons & place them in a saucepan.

•    Pour water & boil it.

•    Keep adding the water as it vaporises (for almost an hour).

•    Remove from the oven & allow it to cool down completely.

•    Filter the water & pour into a spray bottle.

•    You can also keep it in your refrigerator & use it just for a week.

Some effective tips:

•    You can add more water if your solution gets sticky.

•    For dry hair you need to use orange.

Sugar oil:
•    Firstly you need to arrange sugar (1 tbsp) along with oil (305 drops), vodka (1 tbsp, optional) & hot purified water (1 cup).

•    Take a saucepan & pour the water along with the sugar.

•    Boil it well till the sugar liquefies completely.

•    Now pour the vodka along with oil.

Some useful tips:

•    Apply the spray over your hair brush before combing, it will prevent your ends (hair ends) from hasty falling.

•    For keeping your distance from any blockage after you use it, make sure that you wash the faucet of your bottle.

•    Make sure that you are storing the solution in a dry as well as cool place.

•    Allow the solution to dry up completely over your hair & then touch your hair.

•    Don’t use it more than a week & prepare a new one for the next week.

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