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Dandruff: Some Effective Remedies

by Souti

In the present scenario dandruff is quite a common problem among people. It could appear because of excessive exposure to cold or heat. It could also arise because of stress, chronic constipation, fatigue, using various hair style products, pollution etc. Dandruff is also popularly known as Pityriasis simplex capillitii as well as scurf. Because dandruff flakes develop over the scalp, which becomes quite embarrassing for us.

Some remedies for dandruff:

•    Soak a tsp of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water (overnight). Drain the water in the morning & make a fine paste of the seeds. Use it over your affected scalp & allow it to stay for almost 30 minutes. Now use hot water to clean it thoroughly.

•    You can also use fresh Aloe Vera gel over your scalp. Let it stay for almost 30-40 minutes & then wash it thoroughly.

•    Take 4-5 tbsp of wheat germ oil (hot) & massage it thoroughly over your scalp. Now use a warm towel to wrap your head & let it stay for almost 30-40 minutes. Now use water to wash it well.

•    One of the options to get rid of dandruff is tea tree oil. It has anti-fungal properties, which helps to remove the dandruff.  Add a few drops of tea tree oil into your hair oil & massage it well over your affected scalp.

•    Take the coconut oil & heat it gently. Now massage it over your scalp. Allow it to stay overnight & wash your hair well in the morning. You can do this thrice in a week to get the best result.

•    Prepare a mixture with 3 parts of water along with 2 parts of cider vinegar. After applying shampoo & rinsing it well, use the mixture for the ultimate wash.

•    After washing your water take a mug of water & pour a tsp of lime juice into it. Now use the mixture for the ultimate wash for your hair.

•    Instead of coconut oil you can also use the olive oil to massage your hair & let it stay overnight. Wash your hair thoroughly in the morning.

•    Beat a ½ cup of yoghurt well & then apply it well over your scalp. Let it stay for almost 30 minutes & then use hot water to wash it well.

•    Make a mixture of amla juice as well as lime juice (same quantity). Use it over your scalp & let it stay overnight. In the morning wash your hair thoroughly.

•    Prepare a mixture of fresh lime juice (1 lime), ground black pepper (10 grams) & milk (1/4 cup). Mix it well & gently massage it on your scalp. Keep it for almost 60 minutes & then wash it thoroughly with water.

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