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Some Causes of Hair Loss among Women

by Souti

Hair Loss

Hair loss among women is quite common in present scenario. In such a polluted environment, improper care even products-for-hair-loss-1makes the situation worse. Sometimes medical reasons can also be one of the major reasons behind hair loss. When you get the proper knowledge about hair loss it will help you to treat it well.

•    Lupus or some other ailments (which damage the connecting tissues) can also be the reason for your hair loss.

•    You can also experience hair loss because of anemia or lack of iron.

•    Because of the fvarian tumore or some other reproductive system related ailments you can also experience the hair loss.

•    Thyroid problems can also appear as one of the major reasons of hair loss.

•    Many people experience such problem as an anesthatis reaction.

•    Sometimes it seems to be a common occurrence during the post menopausal period as well as post partum period.

•    Unhealthy eating with lots of oily fast foods can leave some adverse effects.

•    Lack of necessary vitamins and minerals is one of the major reasons of your hair loss.

•    After going through some surgery you can also develop such problems.

•    Experts also mentioned heredity responsible for your hair loss.

•    Stress is always a big obstacle of our well being, which is also true for hair loss. Excessive stress can also make the situation even worse.

Sometimes medications play a major role of your hair loss:

•    Drugs which are used for seizure can also be the cause of your hair loss.

•    Medicines that are used for lowering your lipid can be one the reason of your hair loss.

•    Sometimes doses of vitamin A (exceeding the limit) can be main culprit.

•    During the chemotherapy of cancer patient’s hair loss is found to be quite common.

•    According to experts medicines (oral) which normally contain high progestine can cause of your hair loss.

•    Medicines which are used for treating your depression can also play a major role behind your hair loss.

•    Medicines which are anti inflammatory can play the major role behind your hair loss.

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