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How to Apply Hair Gel

by Souti

Hair Gel

Hair gel is a quite helpful option to smooth your hair & get back its shine. It’s also quite popular as a style lotion. It helps you to try out different styles. However knowing about the proper application is necessary to get the best result.

Preparing hair gel:

•    For the major component of hair gel, you need to use the flax seed. It averts blockage of arteries.

•    Take a cup of water & boil it with 2 tsp of these seeds.

•    Boil them thoroughly & then allow it to cool for almost 1/2 an hour.

•    When the mixture becomes moderately cold, pour 1-2 drops of lavender oil into the mixture.

•    Arrange for an outspread mouth of jar & pour the mixture into it.

•    You homemade hair gel is ready & you can start to use it anytime.

Things you need to memorize:

•    Firstly pour a minimum amount of gel into your palm & smear it on your palms. Now rub it over your hair.

•    You can use the palm for getting different hair styles.

•    You can reinvigorate your hair gel by smearing the wet hands over your hair.

•    Then blow dry your hair until it gets dry well.

•    Use the hair brush for the hair ends for blow drying your hair.

•    For evenly distributing the gel into your hair, you need to use the comb with an outspread tooth.

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